Monday, April 16, 2012

★Care Packages - Here are some Ideas★

I can't even begin to count the number of care packages I have made over the past 10yrs. Not only did I make them during my husbands 4 deployments, but I also sent him packages during AIT. Those packages didn't contain as much as the deployment ones, but they were still appreciated.

When my husband was in AIT I was always baking him brownies and cookies. Not just a little bit either! I made enough for him to share with his class. They all looked forward to it. Home made goodies while away from home was a treat. (*Tip* Let your baked good cool completely before sealing up to ship off.)

One thing that is a must for your packages is the boxes, right? Of course!! A lot of people like to use the flat rate boxes. You can order them online and have them brought directly to your home so that you have them when you need them -
Order your Free Shipping Kit

For me, a lot of times, I would just get a big box from WalMart because of how much I would ship at once. It came out cheaper for me because of the number of flat rate boxes I would need.

*Tip* If you're going to ship canned goods, I would use the flat rate boxes. You pay one price, no matter the weight.

Here are some basic things your loved one might need in a care package:
(Depending where they are, they may have access to a small PX where they can get these items themselves)
*Toothpaste *Deodorant *Soap *Powder *Lotion *Baby Wipes *Sunscreen *Shampoo *Sanitary products for females *Shaving Cream/razors

The packages I made for husband contained some personal hygiene items and his favorite snacks and canned goods. I also sent him sheets, a good pillow, his favorite team blanket and really whatever he asked for.

You can do theme packages too for some fun and variety.

One Christmas I sent my husband a big box full of Christmas stuff. I included Christmas cards for all his soldiers, a small Christmas tree w/ decorations in the color of his favorite football team, a singing Santa, and edible Christmas goodies.

For Valentine's Day, we sent him some of his favorite candy, some heart confetti and a big cheesy Valentine Bear with valentine's from the kids.

For Easter we made him his own Easter Basket and filled it with goodies.

Do the same for each can also do sports themed ones for something random. Put different balls in there for them to toss around on free time, a dvd collection of sports funniest moments, a jersey to hang in their room and a sexy pic of you in the jersey =)

A summertime package can have a variety of small water guns, some lei's, bubbles, sunscreen, and water balloons.

You can make a sexy "I miss you" package. Fill it with candy hearts & lips. Buy a new pair of sexy panties, spray them with your perfume and put them in a ziplock baggie for him... add some "love coupons" for him to cash in when he gets home. Write him a naughty poem or story and sign it with a your kiss.

Here are some websites for more ideas:
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Here is a great Facebook Page that does Care Packages:
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Have fun with it and do it with love =)

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