Thursday, September 16, 2010

One reason I hate deployments....

I have to deal with the cars!!! BOOOOOOOOOO!!

So, since he left, we have spent about $3,000 on his car. That's good, it needed to be done and we had the money. Mission accomplished. Not so good once my car starts to act funny. For the past few months, my car wouldn't start on the first try a few times. The last time it did that was this past Tuesday.

I came out of the Company building and went to start my car. Tried once, didn't work. Tried again, didn't work. On the third time, I turned the key and gave it some gas and my car came to life. I drove straight to Charlie's Auto Shop and the entire way there I was saying, "please make it to Charlies!!". So, I get there and explain to Vicki what was going on and they decided to keep my car over night. Turns out, my car checked out fine for them, just wanted to act like an asshole for me.

Well, I get a ride home from my buddy Staci. I'm thinking to myself, "okay, at least we got Darrell's car incase mine is broke". WRONG! His battery was dead!! I call my other friends Sharon and Sara to save me, LOL. They take me to walmart to recharge the battery. We get it back to my house and they put the battery back in. What's that? A flat tire you say?!! F**k me!! No problem, I got fix-a-flat. We put that in the tire and it came right out on the other side. LOL... Now, this was all in one day!!

I get the next morning and call our road side assistance to have them tow my husbands car to the tire shop to get a new tire. I get it there and find out they can't put a tire on because the damn rim is cracked!! The first thing I do is call my friend Staci to see if she can bring me to bring back the original tires for the car so they can switch them out. Thank goodness she could help me. I left the tire shop and walked down to Charlies' Auto Shop to pick up my car and go home to get the other tires. While I'm walking, I called Sharon. I told her to make sure she dressed nice for my funeral because I was sure I was dead meat.

Then, I had to break the news to my darling husband that his rim was cracked. He was in denial at first, but he came around. Now I have to convince him to wait until he is done with the deployment to get new ones. LOL.

We got the tires to the car and got them on. Once again, both cars were in my driveway, running smooth. During these two days of stressing out, I was also sick because of my daughter!! I missed two days at the gym and the track. I was not a happy camper!!!

I was cursing the deployment these last two days because I would have much rather had Darrell dealing with all that. LOL.

On the plus side, R&R is fastly approaching!! Yay for "sexy time"!!!


Sarcastic Humore We Can Relate To

 My friends and I were having one of many sarcastic moments lol
Just some of our "off" humor LOL...

Original Post:

Aimee ~ I just wanted to share that my husband is TDY and I haven't heard from him in 2 whole days! I'm assuming that he is either with a stripper or getting some female (soldier or civilian) pregnant.

But I'm not complaining, honestly, because I wouldn't leave anyways. I'm too dependent on the BAH and health care!

Goodnight ladies!


Marissa ~ what? I thought TDY was the same as deployment :P

Judy ~ Its probably the female soldier because you know...they're all whores, right?

~ i know judy! no better than strippers.

Laura ~ What? You mean yours doesn't text you all day & isn't home by 5pm????


Aimee ~ NO LAURA, he doesnt. i think that means that something is going on. what would you guys do?

btw this is 8th deployment in 9 months! because anytime they arent at home, its a non combat deployment!

~ Please tell me this was a joke cuz temporarily my husband and I live separate and 2 days without talking sheesh that's nothing ... great benefits But the soldiers worth more

Laura ~ Do you get separation pay when he ges into the field for a week??

Ashlie ~ How far is his tdy station from u? Did he let u know he wouldn't b contacting u?

Aimee ~ can i really get that? i should look into that, laura! thanks for the suggestion, who do you think i should contact? COC, IG, or JAG?

~ This sounds exactly like my situation! I hope they aren't together....thank goodness for dadt.

Judy ~ Shut up Aimee, my husband was deployed to NTC for a WHOLE MONTH and they wouldn't even pay to move me home.

~ holy shit, i never even thought that he could be taking DICK! one more thing to worry about. i think im going to die, ladies. for real!

~ Wow ya I thought u could in a tdy deployment

Laura ~ IG - Always go to them first. You get the best results that way. All the new wives/moms/grandmas/aunts are doing it.

~ judy, my husband was deployed to NTC for 15 mutha fucking months! got TARANTULA team!

Stephani ~ Aimee at least you wouldn't have to worry about him knocking someone up....then the baby won't steal any of your shopping money.

Judy ~ Laura, you get even BETTER results when you walk into IG wearing your husband's PT shirt. It shows them you are part of the Army team.

~ guess what ladies, all of your prayers worked! i just got a text saying that he had been in field for the last few days and he would call me in a few minutes! man the power of prayer is AMAZING!

~ HELL NA BITCH!! AINT NO ONE GONNA TOUCH MY SHOPPING MONEY! and fuck those ex wives that had to audacity to actually ask for child support before my ass came along!

bunch of gold digging whores!

~ Ok, who of you is paying for my new laptop!?!
Totally just spit water on it laughing!! Thank you very much ladies!!

Judy ~ Eliane, I hear you can apply for an AER loan and get a new one.

Eliane ~ But do I have to pay the money back or do I just keep it?

~ No, a loan means you do not have to pay it back. I learned that by watching court TV shows.
I would never wear his nasty PT shirt, but his dress blues are freshly dry cleaned. I look great in blue.

~ YOU technically dont have to pay shit back. HE does! take a huge loan, and then leave his ass.

Eliane ~ Ok, well I have wanted the new Nissan 370Z... The free AER loan will work for that, right!?!
Plus I thought as a good army wife you had to take out a huge loan and then leave your soldier ;-)

Aimee ~ actually, the good wife stays through the deployment, all while secretly stashing away the deployment pay and hoping to win the SGLI lottery. and THEN leaves....once he is back, with all of his money.

Kimberly ~ Well Aimee its ok since ur boyfriend is over right? Well one of em... aren't we all whores like our hubby's? Its in the army wife code book..

Aimee Stroup Yadda Yadda
~ i have HUNDREDS of boyfriends....because ALL army guys like big, fat, baby making, worn out women!

i am like their kryptonite! i make them all leave their skinny, over educated wives!

Jamie ~ i can't believe you have the nerve to complain!! mine just left for basic this morning...i'm devastated!

btw, my son hit his head and is bleeding all over and saying he sees spots... what should i do?

~ i would wrap his head in a plastic bag...all of the way down to his it with duck tape. if the bleeding doesnt stop in 10 minutes, wait longer.

Marissa ~ Im sorry but Jamie's was the best. Altho the line about how you are kryptonite was pretty fucking good!

~ My husband had the nerve to miss dinner! His 1st SGT is gonna hear it from me!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

**Reviews for AWDIWH** -from the fan page-

Starting with me:

Jamie Luvs Darrell "★★★★★" I absolutely love this page!! Although I think I may be biased. I try my best to keep it "under control" w/o being a complete nazi mod. The only thing I don't like is those who choose to judge and say bad things about all the work I put into the things I do based off of a bad encounter with someone on the page. Other than that, it's gravy. Thanks so much to all those who support what I do here, on the forum and my blog. Much love and appreciation to you!! Muah!! =)

Erin Marie "★★★★★" ‎******************************************* A million stars! Best site of its kind :D

Eliane Culbertson "★★★★★" Loveeeee this page!!! Seriously the only page I will check daily!! Great source of information!!

Lorryn Crossman Pinkham "★★★★★"

Fran Crowder "★★★★★"

Angela Jones "★★★★★"

Jacinda Jiles "★★★★★"

Rebecca Lynn Beschta-Cosgrove "★★★★★"

Ashley McManus Henderson "★★★★★"

Amara Snider "★★★★★"

Ketti McDonald "★★★★★"

Niki Marchioni "★★★★★" good site and very informational.

Kimberly Rollins "★★★★★"

Jami Stillings "★★★★★" Great page. Jamie puts alot of effort into locating helpful information. I love that there are so many strong minded and opinionated women here.

Marla Manarang "★★★★★"

Kim Gardner "★★★★★" Awesome page, great community and commeratory, always something interesting going on with discussions

Jennifer Cummings "★★★★★"

Paula Rosanna-Villanueva "★★★★★" Says it ALL!!!

Stephanie Shepard "★★★★★"

Tammara Jefferson "★★★★★" This page is so cool it is teaching me alot of things i dont know cuz we r new to this army life

Leah Flint "★★★★★" I LOVE THIS PAGE!! We all may get pissed at each other sometimes but this is a very well run group with a bunch of wonderful women who have strong opinions. What else should we expect?? Love it Jamie! Keep on!!

Bekka Given "★★★★★" I Love this page!! I have met so many Military Wives who are already HELPING me so much through this DEPLOYMENT SO THANK YOU!!!!!

Samantha Christie "★★★★★" addicting

Mary Hall "★★★★★" I am really enjoying it so far :).

Andrea Ballinger "★★★★★" I think this page is awesome and offers a lot of answers. May not always be the ones you want, but honesty is best and I think everyone is pretty honest on here. Thanks Jamie for creating the page!

Erica Redford "★★★★★" love the page!!!!!!

Kat Ayres "★★★★★"

Shelly Lynn Zufelt "★★★★★"

Courtney Allen-Hughes "★★★★★" I love that the name of this page alone says it best! We do do it with Hooah :) To those who enjoy the drama....go give it to your momma lol ♥ the page Jamie!

Andrea Mordarski "★★★★★" Haven't posted in awhile but I still try to catch up with all the new links/advice and questions. Great job Jamie., your help is definitely appreciated! :)

Ashlie Tolliver "★★★★★" love this group ladies :)

Sabrina Edwards "★★★★★" The longer I "like" this page, the better it seems to get. There is tons of interaction between the girls. At first I wasn't sure about it, because of some of the women not getting along, But.. if you get over 1,000 women in the same room, not everyone is going to get along. Cest La Vie. I love that the talk isn't limited to being an Army wife..I'm addicted. Well Done Jamie Lynn.

Ginger Lashley "★★★★★" as always LOVE IT!.... been in the original hooah group since 2007... always have and always will love it!

Amanda Partridge Hollis "★★★★★" I love this page. We can all interact and voice our own opinions with out being banned. None of us are going to agree on everything all the time. That's what makes us who we are. Thank you for allowing us to be us with out being ban happy. :0)

Shera Stoner "★★★★★" I love this page!! You always have great info and answers to any questions. I wont go anywhere else for answers. We have the freedom to agree and disagree and that makes this page great!!

Sarah Smith "★★★★★" This page has covered a lot of the issues wives have. The wives involved with it are very helpful, and while there is's not too much that anyone would have to stop checking out the page. I think the Mods have done a wonderful job and should keep up the great work.

Rebecca Wilson Watts "★★★★★" I agree Mary....I LOVE THIS PAGE!!!! This is one of the view that I'm active in & make it a point to check everyday!

Mistie Ramey "★★★★★" lovin the group!

Erica Wells Distler "★★★★★" I love this group!!!! I have got alot of really good information off of here, and for the most part everyone seems very generous and helpful!!! A little drama here and there, but who's complaining, a good laugh every now and then never hurts!! :0)

Michelle Renee McCreery "★★★★★" I love this group have since day one!!!

Toni James "★★★★★" Love the page Jamie!

Dayna Flynn "★★★★★" Very positive, the wives are great, and great advice :)

Erica Lynn Gilbert "★★★★★"

Rebecca Rabell "★★★★★" I love this page!! ♥ It is very helpful! :)

Danielle Renee Wilson "★★★★★" So yes we can all get a lil bitch and such but hey we are all normal... That is why i LOVE this page. ITS REAL... and helpful too lol

Amber Taylor "★★★★★" ♥ This page and all the women on here who wear their big girl panties an get straight to the point with answers an opinions.

Terra Roberts "★★★★★" I so far ♥ this page, i am trying to be more active but am fairly new to the page but so far I have only seen good wife's supporting each other and answer questions we all have! So thanks for making the page it's been nice being able to see people who enjoy stuff like this!

Breanne Walker "★★★★★" It has been three years since I was an "Army Fiancee" and joined the Original Hooah Group on Myspace....still love it- And Jamie rocks the socks off the "original mod"

Jessica Rodriguez "★★★★★" this page has helpd alot since my husband went back to iraq its nice to have some from of support while im so far away from post while hes gone

Renae ArmyWife Lusk "★★★★★" I just started posting and being a bit active on this page and so far I love it! I was a little apprehensive about posting because I have come across a few wives that once they realize/learn I am a Guard wife, they seem to shut me out and/or make it a point to let me know just how different we are (like I don't already know the differences!), almost to the point of making it seem like I'm not allowed to carry the "Army Wife" title but thankfully I have yet to come across this here on this page so thank you! :)

Jessica Alyse Robinson "★★★★★" I love this page!!

Ashley McKinlay "★★★★★" i don't post much in this group, but i definetly keep up with everyones posts & give my two cents when i can. i always love the topics! jamie is a great mod :)

Mary O'Brien "★★★★★" This page is AMAZING, I love how everyone has their opinions! The only drama there is, is that from all the HATERS=] I love it!

Ashley King "★★★★★" this page is amazing! i am a new user and whenever i have a problem or need to vent, i always get a ton of support! i don't know what everyone is talking about with the "drama" but i think that you get that in normal interactions with people no matter what group it is.

Jennifer Harris "★★★★★" Thank you for all you do, Jamie. I love this website. The website helped me gettin ready for my hubby to deploy very soon.

Syah Hernandez "★★★★★" I just want to say how much I love this page! Jamie & the ladies who share their thoughts, feelings, advice & opinions are awesome! My Hubby is deployed & we live off base, so I don't have any Army wives near me. You guys have made me laugh, helped me view some things differently, & given me a place to come for "refuge" so to speak. "Army Wives do it with Hooah" ROCKS!!! ♥ ♥

Stephanie Withers "★★★★★" Great for information and honest opinions.
I love the interaction on this page. We're all free to ask questions or start conversations about anything whether it be about Army or not. It's nice that everyone is free to voice their honest opinion. In my opinion, this is definitely the best page of Facebook.

Kyle-Andrea Sebring "★★★★★"
I love how this page isn't all depressing with everyone talking about how much they miss their husbands, and how they werent able to celebrate birthdays, valentines day, anniversaries, births, and all the other stuff civies take for granted. It is refreshing to "be around" other women who put their big girl panties on and realize that a deployment isnt the end of the world. We are strong, and what we do is NOTHING compared to what our soldiers do. Is it always easy? Hell no, but this page is sure nice and lights a fire under my ass everyday. Thank you AWDIWH for not making me a depressed worthless POS! ♥

We may be bitchy sometimes and tell think like it is, but its better then beating around the bush! A great page for ladies who want straight up advice!

Kendra Keller "★★★★★" Jamie I just wanted to say your page is addicting and I love it.I love the honest opinnions and all the bluntness I love how when I have a question someone will have a answer. You are doing such a great job keep it up hun :) ♥

Brittany Nicole Gunn "★★★★★" Love this page! It is definetly one of addictions! LOL

PlayfulCustom Edits "★★★★★" Keep up the good work Jamie your amazing at what you do :) I appriciate your friendship and all the help you have done for me and the other wives. :) ♥

Latoya Pernell "★★★★★" Cant deny, i'm hooked lol.

Amber N Jasey "★★★★★" I love this page and have learned so much from it! Keep doing what you do!

Amanda ArmyWife Earles "★★★★★" Thanks Jamie. This site keeps me sane. lol

Emmalin Hope "★★★★★" I love this page the woman here gave me such great advice even told me things I didnt want to hear but needed to. This page ROCKS!!

Eartha Vanallen "★★★★★" I love this page. wish some of th people would remember what its like to be new at this crazy life.

Celeste Fick "★★★★★" I'm glad I came back! Jamie is a good mod and has toned it down to where I've gotten some excellent advice and had some awesome discussions! Thanks Jamie!

Stephani Jacobson "★★★★★" This page has great information and great girls on it! There have been some really positive changes in the group and it seems like a lot more women are active on the page now instead of just a select few!

Angela Kamyszek "★★★★★" Love the page. Great interaction! I love that things aren't sugar coated. There is a lot of great info on here and Jamie along with the other women are extremely helpful. I also love that not everything on the page is military related. Sometimes women can be rude, but that's life! I am a very opinionated person myself and if people don't like it tough shit!

Danielle Falcon "★★★★★" I love this page as well. Ive met so many nice ladies who were willing to help me right away, without even knowing me. Everytime Ive had a question, its been answered. And I love how I dont have to worry about "hurting" feelings or stating my opinion thats different from someone elses. Some people do get rude sometimes, but what do you expect?

Ashlee Davis "★★★★★" FANTASTIC!!!!!! the information is for every one or can be, a few months back i almost stoped being a fan but im so glad i didnt this is genuinely.sp? a awesome group with awesome ladys who in most cases can agree to disagree. the mod does her best to keep the drama and negativity out ! i have recommended a few close friends join the group with me just in the last few months especialy my friends who are newbie wives cause there are just so many great bits of advice and info

Elizabeth Workman "★★★★★" I love this page!!! I joined a few months back and ever since then i have been hooked. There are so many opinions and answers to questions. You can even use this page to vent, get info , make new friends, and give help to others that need it. This page has helped me a lot. i will probably be on here more since my hubby is deploying soon and this will be my first deployment.

Jessica Marie Klostermeyer "★★★★★" When I first started posting on the page, or even reading the post, there were a few people i let get my gut and irritate me, but now that I have overlooked them, I have seen this page be so helpful and fun, and sure, they may be a bit of drama here and then, but its not started by AWDIWH and I think the mod is amazing(: I love this page, its helpful when someone needs something, funny when we all need a break and a laugh, and we can discuss and agree to disagree with opinions:) thats the recipe for an AWESOME pagee:) great job jamie!

Krystal McMullan Patrick "★★★★★" I'm addicted to this page almost as much as I am to Dr. Pepper! haha you do a great job Jamie! Keep up the good work girl! :)

Manda Hickey "★★★★★" Love Love Love the page...Great info on anything and everything! Not to mention there is new daily drama that is soo worth the extra few minutes of reading time on FB! hahaha... Great job Jamie..dont let haters get you down! :0)

Ket Mcd "★★★★★" I can add reviews from two different pages right? :P

Staci Bristow "★★★★★" Love the information your page gives and the entertainment. LOL

Felisha Dawn Martin "★★★★★" I ♥ AWDIWH

Awgd Mod "★★★★★" This page is very very helpful.

Alyssa Crow "★★★★★" Good information

Audrey Santiago "★★★★★" Best Army Wife group on FB!

Jenn Hooah "★★★★★" This page rocks!!

Shana Zinn "★★★★★" Addicting!

Kellie Lynn Miller "★★★★★" Love it!! I can speak my mind, get honest opinions, & have passionate debates... This is the one site where I can be myself without being treated like a child or reprimanded for having my own point of view.. the Mod has been a fair and balanced referee... AWDIWH helped fill the nights with entertainment while my hubby was deployed!!!

Melissa Osburn "★★★★★" I lovelovelove this page! I've met tons of other wives in my area, I can openly share my opinions, and I get awesome information. The occasional dose of drama is fun too. =)

Kimberly At Benning "★★★★★" Love it!!! AWDIWH is my favorite page & my favorite distraction =)

Dani Smith "★★★★★" Jamie I love this page! It has helped me out a lot! I might not post all the time, but I am always reading it either on my computer or on my phone. Thanks for having such a great site!

Doin It-with Hooah-Mod "★★★★★" Loving the Page Keep up the great work ;)

The'Lovely MrsCorpening "★★★★★" So now i can give you 5 stars simply because this page has came along way from he 1st one I was on, and I must say it is simply pleasant to see all the helpfulness and adult conversations here. glad most of the trolls are officially gone and its safe to come back and post again lol great job Jaime and Rissa =)

Aimee Uribe Wilbanks "★★★★" Great site and Jamie does a pretty good job keeping the drama off this page.

Amanda Salyer "★★★★" Really love this page! Only complaint is that some of the wives gang up on others and take things too literally. It's hard though when it's just words on a screen...can't really detect sarcasm lol.

Carol MsFritz Dixon "★★★★" This is an awesome page...drama's great to be connected with a group of great ladies who can offer advice and support when needed. We aren't all the same so naturally some drama will ensue...but I think you should keep up the good work girl!

Sairah Nichole "★★★★" I think this page is great! Great way to meet new people! & the drama seems to be calmed down since a certain someone has been banned from the page.. I Super love this page!

Stephanie DeWaide "★★★★" Awesome page, most of the ladies on here are awesome, would have given in 5 stars, but there's a few people that are still in the group that instigate and keep the drama going long after it was already done and over with the original people involved.

Jillian Pederson "★★★★" I think it give excellent help

Tiffany Kinsey "★★★★" I just recently started reading and interacting on this page. Yes, sometimes there can be drama, and there are some people I've noticed who are very opinionated, but I can't blame you for that! Keep up the good work!! :)

Tabitha Long "★★★★" I'm rather new to the Army Wife life, but the ladies here have been helpful and sometimes I'm about to post and then see what someone else posted :) I'm still learning and a lot of the ladies on here are soooo helpful :) I love being on a page that people actually interact on. Jamie, keep up the freaking AMAZING work!!!!!!

Michelle Williams Ⓥ "★★★★" Very helpful, all my questions get answered, and loads less drama than earlier times. Love this page and you girls ♥

Alexandria Norberg "★★★" i love the advice and help, and that this is army only. but sometimes the drama can get to be a bit much.

Amy Sue Szymanski "★★★" I like that many of the ladies here are really trying to help and support one another. But sadly there are the few that are rude, disrepectful, and just plain mean. It can feel like the page plays to the outdated notion that it is one Army spouse vs another Army spouse. But I know that is more the people using the page and not the mod. So good work there Jamie!

Mariah Dunson "★★★" Like the page, some times a little drama filled. Kinda feel it targets the younger and maybe newbie army wives

RaiAnne Bocco "★★" I love the info I get from this page unfortunatley there are people on here who have nothing nice to say at all. I'm really dissapointed that That some people are cruel like that. I'm upset that I can no longer be a fan of the page but I'm not into the negitivity. Other than that the page us great. Thanks for the help when it was give

Sharon Plante ッ "★" You can have all your little click friends send me friend request, but I will just keep denying them! It just shows how L0W Y0U ARE!!! But it's okay! You're a fucking hyprocrite! (my lovely crazy stalker)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The feeling of Death...

I wrote this on 10/2/95 ~

On a dark and misty night I walked alone down a narrow dirt road. Thick woods ran along both sides of me. Off in the distance I heard an owl, it's screech pierced my ears. I stopped,listening to the sounds of the night. As I started to walk again, I looked aimlessly around me, wondering what was lurking in the isolated woods.

Suddenly, a blood-curdling scream broke the silence of the night. My feet wouldn't move, I just stood there with beads of sweat all over my face. I was scared and could hear nothing now but the pounding of my own heart. I tried to calm myself, but I just couldn't get the screams out of my head. I forced myself to walk some more, being more cautious of my surroundings. To my surprise, I heard nothing but the lonely owl for about 20 minutes.

When I heard footsteps in the woods to my right, I picked up my pace. No more than a few minutes later I was running full speed trying to get away from whatever was following me. Not paying attention to what was in front of me, I tripped over a log and fell. I just wanted to disappear. I got up the strength to pull myself from the ground when someone ran into me. We both hit the ground hard. As I turned over, I realized it was a woman lying next to me. I saw blood and automatically thought she was dead. I checked for a pulse, it was there, but faintly. i called to her to see if she could hear me. The stranger opened her eyes and stared at me. She looked at me so hard that it felt like she could see my soul. When she tried to say something, all she made was a gurgling sound. I was so frightened that I stood up, getting ready to run. Her eyes moved past me and grew wide. I knew something was wrong so I turned around to see what she was looking at.

I tried to scream, but nothing came out. Standing before me was a tall man with a butcher's knife clutched tightly in his hand. Blood was dripping off the tip of the knife onto the ground and staining it a dark crimson color. I turned around and ran for my life, forgetting about the dying woman lying on the ground. I could hear the crazed man chasing me. He was getting closer by the minute and I began to panic even more.

Not long after I had began running, his hand grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back into his chest. I knew the end was coming for me, but I wondered how soon. My attacker said nothing as I pleaded for my life. When he got tired of me begging, he plunged the sharp blade of the knife into my throat. I tried my best despite the pain to get away from him. The more I struggled, the tighter his grip became. It was useless, I was as good as dead. More than once I felt the cold blade pierce my back. No one but me and the psychotic man holding me heard my agonizing screams.

Before I knew it, he threw me on the ground and watched as I struggled to hold onto my life. Watching me as I took my lasts breaths, I slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Army: family friendly or no?

There are a lot of people who think the army isn't family friendly. I don't understand why. Do they not know all the benefits and resources that we, as family members, have?

What other job do you know where your spouses employer will help pay for your education? Military Spouse and Family education assistance

What other job do you know where your spouses employer has a career center to help you get a job? Military Spouse Career Center

What other job do you know where your spouses employer will help back you and finance your home? Military Home Loan Center

We as families have access to so many resources!!
Child care
Emergency assistance
...much more...

When we were in Colorado, finance had messed up my husbands pay really bad to make it look like he owed the Army money. For about 2 months while he was first deployed that time, we got paid maybe $200. My phone was about to get shut off, I had no money for food, and my car was about to be repossessed. His command got me the help I needed until finance fixed the problem. My phone was paid in full, my car payment was paid in full for 2 months and we were given food vouchers. They also gave me a $700 check to make car repairs and to go home because my mom was severely ill. I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY BACK ONE PENNY BECAUSE I AM A MILITARY SPOUSE. What other job do you know that will help their employees family like that?

Just because my husband may miss birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or school ceremonies, it doesn't mean the army isn't family friendly. I think they more than make up for that in other ways. And if there are those who don't see the benefits we have and aren't grateful for what we do get, when no other job would do what the military does for us, than maybe another career should be sought.