Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Love the babies!!

As much as I love babies, I'm glad I can't have anymore. I think I would go nuts lol..but I love to play and take care of other peoples babies =)

Yesterday, my friend Mistie brought her triplets over for a bit while she had a "date" with some other moms in the area who also have multiples. If you are in the Fort Stewart area/Savannah/Coastal Area and have multiples, check out their group:
Coastal Parents of Multiples

The babies are just soooo precious!! I love having them over and so does my daughter. Alexis just picks them up like she's a pro baby holder lol.. I remember how upset she was when she had to wait to see them b/c they were too little.

Well, I just basically wanted to share the group for multiples in this area and Mistie's blog too- Army Life With Tripless

Enjoy reading!!