*Opinionated Me*

We all have opinions and here are some of mine =)

Army Wife/Gf IS NOT the toughest job in the Army!
The "Military Mistress" ~ my opinion
Gossip ~ What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth
Being a better wife...
Generalizations are pure ignorance!!
Love my gals =)
Military Marriage vs. Non-military Marriage
The Army Wife Survival Kit ~ Jamie and Rissa Style =)
Encouraging eachother -
My opinion on the Pay Freeze *warning- may include foul language, may hurt your feelings*
Stay or go?
Government Shutdown~
Military Wives ~ not stereotypical ~
"Don't Marry a Soldier" - My responses to this idiocy...
Osama, the wicked witch of the East is dead -
Military SPOUSE Appreciation Day
What's the difference? Memorial Day/Veterans Day
Why do we have to be SuperWomen?
Only the strong survive... or not...
Threats & Racial Slurs - NO toleration!
Teacher hits student - my opinion on this whole fiasco!
He wasn't "highly intoxicated" so that makes it okay...
Hurricane Irene
Hurricane Irene aftermath..
Soulja Boy - tell 'em - My Personal Opinion, which is sure to piss people off
You know that Tricare covers Birth Control....right?
My own "WTF moment" - "Nigga vs Nigger" - WARNING- offensive language
Is the Problem Parenting? or lack of...
Makes Sense, doesn't it?
Odd Girl Out
"Military Wives" reality tv show? Please say it ain't so!
Putting the Lid on the Pot
Chex Mix - a prescription drug party
Spouses to Blame? No Completely
AJ Fuller - My heart goes out to you
Who Cares about Rank? I Do!
The Shooting of Trayvon Martin - my thoughts
You're So Ungrateful - *Shakes Finger at you All*
Breastfeeding in Uniform?
I'm An Army Wife - Eating all day & Spending his Money
Military Spouse Community - Build Eachother up, Stop tearing Eachother down
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Scentsy, Pure Romance, 31 Oh my!
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