Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Debunking Myths About Finding a Private-Sector Job (By: Emma Banks - guest blogger)

Regardless of the amount of time you’ve spent in the military, the prospect of making the transition to the private career sector may seem overwhelming. While change can be good, it also comes with a fair amount of stress. Unfortunately, a number of myths that have been perpetuated over time only serve to add to the worry and fear you might feel when facing such a transition. Let’s take a look at a few of these myths and learn the truth that will set your mind at ease.

Myth #1: Employers don’t care about applicants.
Truth: Many companies do process large numbers of applications on a regular basis. However, employers understand the importance of attracting and hiring top talent. In order to engage the most qualified individuals, many companies have streamlined the application process. Using platforms such as JIBE, these employers allow job seekers to easily upload resumes and other essential information from computers, smart phones and other devices on-the-go. To further attract the best employees possible, some companies also offer perks such as the option to work from home or onsite daycare for employees’ children.

Myth #2: There are no special services to assist you through the transition from your military career to a job in the private sector.
Truth: Many programs exist to assist military personnel and their families throughout this transition. One program made up of military veterans dedicated to helping military personnel make the transition is called “Hire Heroes U.S.A.” This team of military veterans offer training to help people like you learn to market your skills and network in the private sector to obtain quality jobs.

Myth #3: When unemployed, you should focus solely on applying for jobs.
Truth: Getting involved in your community and participating as a volunteer with an organization of your choice will give you something enjoyable to do with your time. Additionally, your potential employers will be impressed with your community involvement. Many volunteer opportunities will also give you the chance to network with others who may assist you in finding gainful employment.

Myth #4: As former military personnel, you are only able to take orders from others, not take initiative to develop your own business.
Truth: The ability to receive and follow direct orders is only one of the many skills you honed during your time of service. The U.S. Small Business Administration recently launched a program to educate and assist military veterans who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. If owning your own business is something you are passionate about, take a look into this awesome program and follow your dreams! 

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