Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School! = Happy Mom

Last week we had the kids open houses and school started this week. Tomorrow will be the first day that all three kids are back in school. Getting up at 6am is totally worth it for a day of peace and quiet. I love my kids, but it's gonna be nice to have the day to myself.

Cleaning the house up with the kids gone is going to be amazing!!! I know that sounds crazy, right? LOL But I can do the dishes without Richie putting a plate in the sink right after I clear it out. I can go upstairs and put the clothes away w/o Alexis dragging all my heels out of my closet. I can sit on the couch without a PS3 controller up my booty from DeeJay leaving it there.

The front door won't open 50 times a day and there won't be any kids ringing the door bell every 30 minutes. Best of all, I won't have to hear "The Fresh Beat Band" LOL

I love the hustle & bustle when they come home... school time is over and it's home for a snack, homework and free time until dinner. Showers in between 7pm and 8pm and bed at 9pm for the kids. School time brings the schedules back for us and schedules make me happy =) ((I let them off the hook with a set schedule during the summer.))

It will be so peaceful... by next week, I'll miss the chaos. LOL

In case you don't know who "The Fresh Beat Band" is, let me leave you with a video. Compliments of my daughter & netflix --

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