Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Progress with my Jogging

If you follow me on my more "blog" facebook page - Jamielynn *A Soldier's Angel* - you know I'm on a "journey" to becoming healthier. Now, I have a weightloss goal, but I'm also focusing on NSV (non scale victories). Mainly on breaking my own personal records with jogging.

Last year I was using "jog tracker" to keep track of my miles and times. I wasn't really trying to set any kind of personal records though. Just kind of "going with the flow" and doing what I felt. In March 2012, my average pace was about 20mins/mile. My fastest mile was over 18mins/mile.

In March 2013, I started using the Nike+ app. I LOVE this app!! It keeps track of your fastest times with your mile, 1k, 5k, 10k.. your longest time or distance. AND there are "coaches" who come on with motivational words for you. The Nike+ app keeps track of your average min/miles for each month. Here are my "stats" (you can see the progress):

March 2013: average 18:28/mile
May 2013: average 16:18/mile

I didn't post June 2013 because we're still in June. Some of my other accomplishments are:

May 12, 2013 - fastest 5k - 44:54
May 26, 2013 - fastest 10k - 1:44:40
June 17, 2013 - fastest mile - 11:29

I have been using the 10k trainer app, which is free, and it is really paying off! I also use an interval app to make my own high/low intervals for walking/jogging. I still need to work on my breathing.. for some reason, I'm having trouble with that. My husband has been supportive in trying to help with that.

Anywho.. that's all for now! If you'd like to check out some of my progress, you can see my album on my facebook page -- On My Way To A Healthier Me

I'm also on instagram & twitter - jamielynn1027


  1. breathing could be related to asthma. i have exercise induced asthma so i have to be careful when i do anything that requiring movement fast paced, but once you start training your lungs with the medication you can work through it a bit better. i also found a few webpages on pinerest that help train your lungs while running. Good luck.