Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why do we have to be SuperWomen?

This isn't just about military's about women in general, married or not... Some of this may apply to you, or not... but here is my little 2cents:

Do you ever notice that as women we are suppose to have these superpowers that make us do everything under the sun and be all chipper about it? Why is that?!

For example, I know a wonderful woman who has kids and goes to school. Her husband works. This woman does EVERYTHING!!! She takes care of the kids, cooks the meals, cleans the house, goes to all of the kids appts for doctors & school, runs errands, does the grocery shopping and goes to school. Her husband? Oh he works and brings in the money, that's it. Now, I'm not saying it is horrible of him to not help with things, but is it too much to ask of him to show a little appreciation? Is it too much to ask to not bitch if there are a few dishes in the sink or if the kids are a few minutes late getting to bed? A simple "Hey babe, can I get you a glass of iced tea while you work on your homework?" would probably make this woman's day!!

Why do some men think that just because they bring home the pay that it gives them the right to act like King? Now, if he is treating his wife like a Queen, okay, he can be the King... but don't expect to get treated like a King when you treat your woman like a Peasant!!!

Me, I don't mind doing all the work and for some strange reason, my husband has been helping out with a few things, lol. However, he has his pigheaded moments ((and I love him still)).

I guess this just came from seeing so many women lately be upset at how they are being treated, or not treated, by the men they love. I don't doubt that these men love them, but I do think they have some issues on letting go of the "I am man, hear me roar" syndrome. Guys, if you're reading, it's okay to show your feelings sometimes!!! =)

Oh, and don't you know we're suppose to do it all with a smile and be happy-go-lucky all day? Now, while I try not to complain too much, and I try to be as happy as possible, there are some days that I am just wore out and don't feel like greeting you with a smile at the door!!!

So, for all the women, married or not, you may not be SuperWoman, but I think you're super for all you do. I appreciate everything you do because I know what it's like to do it all!!! Much love =)



  1. Love this! My mom is the type that always treated my dad like a king, did mostly everything for him while he just sat back and watched tv. I'm not knocking women who are like that but I learned that was NOT what I wanted for my relationships early on. My significant other realizes he's got two feet and two hands just the same as me, he's more than welcomed to food and whatever. Doing half of OUR work we get things accomplished easier and faster so we can spend couple time. Yes, I actually not only love him but I like spending time with him lol

    1. Good point!! us out a bit more and we can have more quality time together =) Thanks for reading and commenting!