Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Oldest son!!

My oldest is 11 today! The time sure does fly by....Time for a labor and delivery story... =)

It was July 4, 1999 and we were watching fireworks from my grandma's porch. I felt something "funny" going on in my belly, but at the time I had no idea that my labor had started. I didn't think anything of it because he wasn't due for 2 more weeks. All that night and the next day I felt "funny".

My poor husband had to go into work on the 5th extra early because he was the opening manager. After working all day long, he then had to stay and close because the closing manager couldn't come in. He finally came home at like 2am after being at work since 4am. He was so tired and I still feel bad, lol.

He came home and got in bed. I kept tossing and turning and getting up to use the bathroom. He asked me was I alright and I believe I told him yes. Then, I got up to go to the bathroom again because I kept having this feeling like I needed to go, really bad. I came out of the bathroom about a half hour later and my mom came out of her room. She asked was I okay and I told her I thought I was having the baby. So we got out all my books and magazines and sat on the couch looking at the "signs" of labor. We decided to head to the ER. My mom had the privilege of telling Darrell "get your ass up we're having a baby". LOL. He had only been asleep for an hour!

Thank goodness the hospital was only around the corner because the car ride was horrible! Every little bump in the road was magnified by 100! Going over the railroad tracks was no party either.

They got me checked in and Darrell called his parents. His dad was so nervous and asked, "what do you wear to this kind of thing?". I was so happy when they got there. My mother-in-law stayed in with me and so did Darrell and my mom. My MIL helped keep everyone calm and stopped my husband for making a dash for the chinese place at 3:30am!

I wish I had been brave enough to get an epidural with my first one because what they gave me only made me feel high. I hated the way demoral made me feel. I was still in pain, but loopy. When DeeJay was born, it didn't even register with me that he wasn't breathing. He had the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times and I had no idea the severity of it because the demoral had me so wasted. Thankfully, he was okay.

So, now my baby is 11 and growing up so fast. Looks just like his daddy and tries to be like him too.

I was 8 months pregnant here with DeeJay at our senor prom ~

Here is DeeJay (on the left) on his first day of second grade at Fort Hood ~

Here is DeeJay, this year (on the right) ~