Thursday, October 7, 2010

Long time, no post =)

Well it has been a while since a posted... R&R is almost over... However, he'll be home again by the end of the year! Another deployment will be down. I can't wait for him to go Drill so we can have a few years without a deployment... it would be oh-so nice!

When my hunk-a-burning love came home for R&R we took off for 4 days to Florida all by our lonesome. Thanks Sharon!! =) We went to the movies and out to lovely dinners...did Sea World and played miniature golf! The killer whales were awesome and I enjoyed it so much! I also enjoyed miniature golf because I whooped the hubs ass, haha...

We took the kids to "Star Castle" in Savannah. It wasn't like I thought it was going to be, but the kids had a great time! DeeJay hit 1,000 tickets on one game in the arcade and he also hung with me a bit roller skating. The hubs met the floor with his ass when he tried to skate so that was a no go for him, LOL. All in all, it was a good day.

Last night, my friend Staci kept the kids while me and the hubs went to the movies and saw "Case 39". It was a good movie.... made me jump a few times (but don't tell anyone lol). It was about a little girl who teachers thought she was being neglected at home. Child services got the case and inspected the family. The case worker knew something was wrong, but legally nothing could be done because there was no proof. So she gave the little girl her phone number in case she ever got scared. Long story short, the girl was a demon!! LOL. Good good movie.

Hubby is out getting his hair cut and I am BS-ing on here while watching "Eclipse". Sounds fun huh? I got some new books from the library that I am going to be "taking notes" from and making posts about. Some military related, other health related. Stay tuned!! =)


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