Thursday, September 16, 2010

One reason I hate deployments....

I have to deal with the cars!!! BOOOOOOOOOO!!

So, since he left, we have spent about $3,000 on his car. That's good, it needed to be done and we had the money. Mission accomplished. Not so good once my car starts to act funny. For the past few months, my car wouldn't start on the first try a few times. The last time it did that was this past Tuesday.

I came out of the Company building and went to start my car. Tried once, didn't work. Tried again, didn't work. On the third time, I turned the key and gave it some gas and my car came to life. I drove straight to Charlie's Auto Shop and the entire way there I was saying, "please make it to Charlies!!". So, I get there and explain to Vicki what was going on and they decided to keep my car over night. Turns out, my car checked out fine for them, just wanted to act like an asshole for me.

Well, I get a ride home from my buddy Staci. I'm thinking to myself, "okay, at least we got Darrell's car incase mine is broke". WRONG! His battery was dead!! I call my other friends Sharon and Sara to save me, LOL. They take me to walmart to recharge the battery. We get it back to my house and they put the battery back in. What's that? A flat tire you say?!! F**k me!! No problem, I got fix-a-flat. We put that in the tire and it came right out on the other side. LOL... Now, this was all in one day!!

I get the next morning and call our road side assistance to have them tow my husbands car to the tire shop to get a new tire. I get it there and find out they can't put a tire on because the damn rim is cracked!! The first thing I do is call my friend Staci to see if she can bring me to bring back the original tires for the car so they can switch them out. Thank goodness she could help me. I left the tire shop and walked down to Charlies' Auto Shop to pick up my car and go home to get the other tires. While I'm walking, I called Sharon. I told her to make sure she dressed nice for my funeral because I was sure I was dead meat.

Then, I had to break the news to my darling husband that his rim was cracked. He was in denial at first, but he came around. Now I have to convince him to wait until he is done with the deployment to get new ones. LOL.

We got the tires to the car and got them on. Once again, both cars were in my driveway, running smooth. During these two days of stressing out, I was also sick because of my daughter!! I missed two days at the gym and the track. I was not a happy camper!!!

I was cursing the deployment these last two days because I would have much rather had Darrell dealing with all that. LOL.

On the plus side, R&R is fastly approaching!! Yay for "sexy time"!!!


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