Friday, March 1, 2013

Pink Zebra *Product Review*

 First, I'd love to thank Mrs. Mary Grosh for asking me to do a review and sending me some "sprinkles" to try out. I asked Mary to tell me a little bit about herself and why she started selling "Pink Zebra" and this is what she told me -

"I'm a military spouse with 2 girls, 6 and 2. I started selling it because I fell in love with the products immediately. I really love how our company gives back to the community by donating 1 day of daycare to single moms in need for every $500 in party sales. I stand behind our products 100% and I use them on a daily basis. I love sharing it and seeing how other people love it as much as I do!"

 "Pink Zebra" is a Direct Sales company that sells simmering pots, scented wax sprinkles, soaps and lotions.  There are simmering pots to match everyone's personality and decor and so many scents to choose from or mix and match for your own creation that you'll never get bored!

Mary sent me two jars of sprinkles and I used them in my warmers that I already have at home. She asked what kind of scents I liked and she sent me "Sweet Pea & Lily" and "Turquoise Waters" to try based on what I said.

Honestly, I loved both jars of these sprinkles! I used the "Sweet Pea & Lily" in my bathroom downstairs and the "Turquoise Waters" in my bedroom. "Sweet Pea & Lily" smells exactly how it sounds. "Turquoise Waters" was refreshing with a touch of floral.. very relaxing too. When I went to bed, I laid down and took a few deep breaths and let it calm me. This could be good for those who are into aromatherapy. I was definitely pleased with the scents she chose for me.

Along with smelling great, "Pink Zebra" is simple to use too! All you have to do is scoop it out of the jar and put it into the simmering pot ((or in my case, my warmer)) - the sprinkles melt and release the scent. I used a scoop and a half in my warmer in my bathroom and left it on from about 8am to 8pm for 3 days before I had to replace it. The one in my bedroom still releases scent because I only turn it on about an hour or two before I go to bed and then I shut it off when I go to sleep. Overall, I was pleased with the scents and how long they last.

If you're interested in learning more about "Pink Zebra", hosting, joining or buying, you can visit Mary at her website:

Mary Grosh Independent Consultant

 Pink Zebra Independent Consultant Mary Grosh Facebook Page

**The only "compensation" I got for this review was the product themselves. This is my honest and personal opinion.**

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