Friday, June 17, 2011

What's happening?

Well, let me tell you!

I've been kinda busy with the kids out of school now... gonna be a long summer! Eh, maybe not, my daughter, who just turned 6 this month, will be going back to NJ with her Nana and Popop for a month. They are down visiting for a few days. Today we went over and had lunch at Paula Deen's place - Lady and Sons - she is fabulous!!!! I even got a purple pen from her store =)

Several happy moments to give a mention to:

My besties hubs came home about a week ago!! Welcome home Eddie, Jorge and Travis!! I missed you all picking on me ;)

My husbands friends from High School, whom I knew too but weren't really friends with them, got married!! Congrats!! May you have many wonderful years together!

June 29th will be our anniversary... married for 9yrs!!! Is it time to trade him in yet? We've been together for 15yrs now, I think I need a newer model!! hahaaha I kid, I kid...

And a big CONGRATS to me!!! I started selling Scentsy in May, well I signed up in the end of April, but... lol... I've been doing great so far!

Escential Consultant in April 2011
Certified Consultant in May 2011
& I have made Lead Consultant in June 2011 - but it won't show up until July =)

In May, I sold over $2,ooo!!! So, I got an extra 5% commission on top of the regular commission plus a sweet charm bracelet with a dollar sign charm to go on it!! (a monthly sales award)

So far, I'm at Scentsational Start Award - level 2 for my first 70 days and I think that is where I'm gonna stay, which is great!! I will get Purple Scentsy Scentsational Start Lapel Pin & $125 free product & a Certificate of Achievement!

I have also qualified for the first month of the summer sales incentive where the consultants who qualify get a special warmer for FREE!!!

So, I'm really excited about all this and looking to do great things with it!

My Blog for Scentsy
My Scentsy Fan Page
My Scentsy Profile (where I reveal all my deals, drawings and give-a-ways)

My army wives fan page, *Army Wives Do It With Hooah* , is doing great too!! I'm still getting messages from wives and girlfriends thanking me for helping them with the inbox questions and telling me how supportive the page has been for them... Thank goodness I have Rissa to help me =) Thanks Rissa! Love you!

In a few days I have an appt with my doctor to get a referral for a breast reduction. I'm hoping this goes the way I want because these "bad boys" have got to go!!! My back and shoulders can't take it anymore!!! Send positive thoughts my way please =)

So, I think that's about it... oh, my boys have birthdays this summer and I will officially be the mother of a pre-teen... Time flies and I'm not sure I'm ready for this challenge!! LOL

Until next time...

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