Monday, June 27, 2011

Only the strong survive... or not...

I was reading some responses to an inbox question on my page, *Army Wives Do It With Hooah*, and someone said something to the effect that "only the strong survive going through deployments" and this was in reference to being married. ((in no way am I picking on this person who made this comment, it just made me think))

I use to think this... but I'm beginning to wonder... During our first deployment, I never realized how strong I was until I was thrown into that crazy mess! LOL... I grew up so much and found strength I never knew I had and gained more over that year.

Each deployment has taught me something new about myself and I've gained more strength with each one. We've been through 4 now and I think I know now what needs to be strong. The person specifically doesn't need to be strong, or even both of the people in the relationship... one can be weak, one can be strong, they can both be either...

The strength you need to survive a deployment in marriage or any romantic relationship is the strength of the relationship. By that I mean things such as honesty, communication... trust...

My husband is a very strong individual and I admire all the qualities he has and I wish I could exhibit some of them... I myself am a strong woman in lots of ways... does that mean we would survive a 5th deployment? No it doesn't... we can be two strong people, but our relationship can be weak... a weak relationship is less likely to survive a deployment than a strong one... two weak people can be in a strong relationship and they may make it while we sink...

Just a thought...

**I'm not entirely sure what the lady meant in her comment about "only the strong survive", this is just my take on it. =)


  1. How exactly can two weak people be in a strong relationship??

  2. I agree. Weak people can't necessarily stand independently, but thrive on each other, forming a strong relationship. Strong people can't necessarily become dependent on one another. They are too used to being independent to focus on another person for the sake of the relationship. Just my opinion.

  3. I agree and understand what you are saying. @Anonymous: Two weak people can have a strong relationship by being there for each to get through it. Have trust in each other, and have that love. The deployment can be hard on both of them but not on their relationship. If that makes any since???

  4. I think you gals said it well. =)