Monday, May 21, 2012

Armed Forces Day Kids Run - Fort Stewart, GA - 5/19/2012

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning around 7am. My daughter had slept in bed with me and rolled over to remind me it was the 19th, "Mom, do I really have to run half a mile today?"

I had completely forgot even though I just registered them a week before lol... my mind has been one big black out lately..but that's another issue lol

Anyway, I got the kids up and ready to go. My boys weren't too excited either. My oldest has asthma so he was paranoid about not being able to breath...he made it through just fine lol..and my other son likes to sleep until noon on Saturdays, so you can see I was really disrupting his plans...which I did with much pleasure =)

COL Milton was there and participated in the run as well. He gave a little speech about how the run was to bring awareness and show support for childhood obesity.

The kids did great and they had motivators all the way! Here are some pics from the run-

Col Milton:


My Babes - DeeJay (12) Alexis (6) Richie (11)

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