Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm an Army Wife- I eat all day, spend ALL my husbands money & neglect my kids =)

I wasn't going to post about this, but after seeing a comment on my page, AWDIWH, I decided to.

This woman posted this on my page, in reference to military spouses - "You people are retarded...I've forgotten more shit about the army life and deployments then you will ever know. Go back to doing what you do best...eating and spending your husbands money on stupid shit and neglecting your children." - a former soldier

Now, last night my daughter was bullied by the son of a single female soldier. She is our neighbor. My daughter is going into 2nd grade, this boy is going into 6th grade. This soldier has a thick file of complaints on her with the housing office about her children. I know this, because I have made 2 complaint before about her children and their bullying and I read some of the other complaints in the file.

My kids are well-behaved, well-mannered, never in trouble, clean and supervised. This soldiers kids however, are foul-mouthed and constantly in trouble and home alone quite often.

Last night, her son chased my daughter while calling her names, jumped on her and then picked her up and threw her into a fence. This is the same boy who last August, pulled a knife on my friends daughter and was outside playing the next day. You can read about that craziness here ---> Out of Control

It is known that this child is on medication for behavioral issues, but she is obviously failing him...and in my eyes that is neglect. Because of her neglect of her children, she is risking court marshall and loss of rank and housing.

Now, would it be fare of me to say ALL single female soldiers neglect their kids b/c of their job? NO. And I would NEVER make that generalization. Just like it isn't fare to say that ALL military spouses sit around all day eating, spending their husbands money & neglecting their kids. I certainly don't do any of that.

I cannot stand ignorant asshats on both sides of the field who constantly lump one group or another into extreme generalizations.


  1. LOL nice. I was a single mom and soldier, my kids were well behaved. When someone makes a comment like that it pisses me off. NOT ALL wives fit into that stereotype. Yes some do, but others break out of that mold and do whatever they can to be productive. I think the person who posted that just needs to focus on herself.

  2. WOW i can't believe they said that.. then again I can.. I have gotten so much negative comments about my 16month old song being with my family for the last 7 weeks as I went to go care for my hospitalized husband (who is hospitalized due to deployment). so I love your blog. I think your a amazing military wife :) God Bless!!!

    Lauren From:

    1. Thank you so much! I hope your husband has had a speedy recovery =)