Saturday, August 11, 2012

Babies 2 Boys 2 Men - Growing Up Fast

My baby boys aren't babies anymore =( While I kinda miss the cuddling that comes with the younger age, I'm glad to see them grow older. They have their typical kid moments of not wanting to do their chores and being told to clean up their room, but other than that, my boys are wonderful!

DeeJay just turned 13 in July. A teenager... He is a little interested in girls, but not too much...yet. Girls think he is cute, but he pays them no mind really. Hopefully he holds off longer LOL DeeJay is my gamer child. He loves to play all the COD games and other shooting games as well. Or "murder/death/kill" as I like to call them. DeeJay has had a love of all things army related ever since my husbands first deployment back in 2003. DeeJay had just turned 4yrs old when Darrell deployed the first time. I told him and Richie that daddy had to go to Iraq and help fight the bad guys to keep the good people their safe. DeeJay instantly wanted the little army men with guns and would play with them for hours, pretending to take down the bad guys. When he started to draw, he was drawing soldiers killing the bad guys. He wanted to be like daddy.

Richie turned 12 today. He is my heart breaker... All the little girls think he is so cute and cool. He is like me with his sarcasm and quick comebacks, but like Darrell in his "swag", as Richie calls it. We never have to remind Richie to shower, put deodorant on, or brush his teeth. He cleans his sneakers with a toothbrush, just like Darrell lol and he packs on the cologne (Axe), just like Darrell. Richie loves to be outside and loves to play basketball and football. He artistic, a good student and extremely caring.

I see a lot of myself and Darrell in our boys. All the good things... With luck, they won't pick up the bad things! LOL

When I was pregnant with DeeJay, I told myself I was going to be a better mother to my children than my mom was to me. My mom wasn't very affectionate, although I know she loved me. She worked all the time and I was forced to care for my younger brother a lot.

I have been blessed to be able to stay home and raise my kids. When Darrell joined the army, I was working but he told me he wanted me to quit to be home with our boys. So I did. When I was ready to go back to work, when Richie was about to start kindergarten, he wanted another baby, so we had our daughter. That delayed me going back to work because, again, he wanted me to stay home and care for her instead. I didn't mind. I loved being able to bond with my kids the way my mother never bonded with me. Now I'm dying to work and have been applying at places for 2yrs with no luck!! This town sucks ass for jobs lol but I digress...that is another story!

My mother never made me do chores and gave me whatever I wanted. I was a spoiled brat, but lucky that I didn't turn out snotty and stuck up lol... My kids are different. They have chores and work for what they want. While we do get them the things they want, they know we will take them away w/o notice if they mess up. My mother never gave me consequences lol She is lucky I turned out so awesome! ((RIP Mommy))

Our boys are respectful and hardly ever get in trouble. They fight with each other and are complete opposites, but when it comes down to it, they have each others backs. They listen pretty well, are good in school, and don't hide things. I know at some point they will end up trying to hide something or lie... but for now, we're pretty lucky they are open with us. I'm just proud of how awesome my boys are and I know they will grow into some damn fine men.

Picture time!!!

I sure do love my little family...

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