Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inquiring Minds Want To Know (small rant)

 Today I saw two things that just kind of boggled me. One was in a group on Facebook and the other was on my Facebook page - *Army Wives Do It With Hooah*

The first thing I saw, that was in the group, was a woman posted a picture that had a little rhyme that said something like "twinkle twinkle little whore, close your legs they're not a door". Well someone commented on it saying this girl was a hypocrite b/c she supposedly said she had previously cheated on her husband (as revenge for him cheating on her).

The next thing, from my page, was an inbox where this couple, both military, wanted to get married and wanted to have an open relationship. She was worried about getting into trouble b/c her roommate (also a soldier) said she would tell on her. The commentors on that inbox were focusing more on who she was sleeping with than what her question was.

Now, my question is this - Why are others sooooo concerned about who other people are having sex with?! Seriously. I don't care if that woman cheated on her husband. I don't care if someone is in an open relationship. What they choose to do with their genitalia is their business, not mine. My neighbor could be screwing her husbands entire platoon and I wouldn't care!!! It has no affect on me! The only time it affects me is if it's my husband. If you ain't messing with him, I don't care what or who you're doing lol


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