Sunday, August 29, 2010

Generalizations are pure ignorance!!

Here was the question on a facebook page:

"How do you feel about Muslims in the Army? Thoughts? Opinions?"

Here was a response that really irked me:

"I am not even going to get started on this one .. considering what happened at Fort Hood and as a veteran ... yea .. I'm keeping this to myself."

Now, this to me leads me to believe she doesn't like Muslims in the Army. Just because of one man. So, I wonder, if the shooter at Fort Hood was a Christian, would she have a problem with Christians in the military?

And then, on my facebook fanpage there was a post about husbands adding female soldiers to their facebook. Someone said, "And MOST female soldiers ARE out for whatever they can get, because nine times out of ten they KNOW they can get it. It isn't just other womens husbands, but just men in general. I am thankful my husband is infantry and therefore doesn't run into women, but Women, especially female soldiers, are in love with infantry men cause they tend to be seen as the elite." ... and then she wrote, "I FIND THAT MOST FEMALE SOLDIERS, AT LEAST THE LOWER ENLISTED SOLDIERS ARE SLUTS. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. IT'S MY OPINION AND I AM ENTITLED TO IT."

Now, while it is her opinion, and she is entitled to it, I think it's a crock of shit and that is MY OPINION. How can she say "most female soldiers"? Does she know most of them? I highly doubt it.

That would be like me saying that just b/c I know some men soldiers who cheated on their wives that all men soldiers who are married are going to cheat.

And we all know the stereotypical "army wives are cheating whores who only want the money and benefits."

Come on!! As long as people keep this ignorance going, our country is going to continue to be on its way to hell in a flaming ball of fire wrapped in the hatred of others.



  1. I was just on this page .. and decided to get off .. there is nothing CLASSY about that page .. its like a slaughtering of people .. blah! I unliked it!

  2. And I am the one that posted that Veteran comment.

  3. elizabeth, i don't think it's the page... i like the's some of the women...

    just like on my fanpage... it's not the page, it's some of the members...

  4. So I will tell you this, the fact that the gentleman on FT Hood was muslim doesn't make me feel a certain way about all muslims .. I think that fact had a lot to do with how I feel about THAT specific incident.

  5. but the post wasn't about that... it was about muslims in the army