Monday, September 6, 2010

Army: family friendly or no?

There are a lot of people who think the army isn't family friendly. I don't understand why. Do they not know all the benefits and resources that we, as family members, have?

What other job do you know where your spouses employer will help pay for your education? Military Spouse and Family education assistance

What other job do you know where your spouses employer has a career center to help you get a job? Military Spouse Career Center

What other job do you know where your spouses employer will help back you and finance your home? Military Home Loan Center

We as families have access to so many resources!!
Child care
Emergency assistance
...much more...

When we were in Colorado, finance had messed up my husbands pay really bad to make it look like he owed the Army money. For about 2 months while he was first deployed that time, we got paid maybe $200. My phone was about to get shut off, I had no money for food, and my car was about to be repossessed. His command got me the help I needed until finance fixed the problem. My phone was paid in full, my car payment was paid in full for 2 months and we were given food vouchers. They also gave me a $700 check to make car repairs and to go home because my mom was severely ill. I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY BACK ONE PENNY BECAUSE I AM A MILITARY SPOUSE. What other job do you know that will help their employees family like that?

Just because my husband may miss birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or school ceremonies, it doesn't mean the army isn't family friendly. I think they more than make up for that in other ways. And if there are those who don't see the benefits we have and aren't grateful for what we do get, when no other job would do what the military does for us, than maybe another career should be sought.



  1. I was just surfing around your blog and stopped in here. I know you posted this soooo looong agoooo. :D But, it was worth the read.

    I heard someone say recently, "that's why we're getting out!" It had to do with deployments. And the circumstances were not ideal for this woman, I don't mind admitting that, but like you...I see so many benefits aside from the separation.

    After finally making it to Colorado this summer, I put in to my doctor the need for a new Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor, which included a new insulin pump for me as well. Even before we joined the Army, we had decent coverage, but never like we have with Tricare. 100% coverage. No out of pocket cost. If that isn't family friendly, I don't know what is. :)

    Great story you have there! Love to hear it.

    1. Thank you for reading!! Glad you enjoyed it!

      I think too many people focus on nothing but the negative when it comes to the military life, so I had to show a diff side lol