Monday, August 2, 2010

My take on "traditional marriage"... For "Classy" =)

When I think of traditional marriage I think several things. I think of the husband as the worker and the wife as the “homemaker”. That means the husband is out working and bringing in the money and the wife is home taking care of the house and kids. I add kids in there because most families “back then” had kids. I also think of the husband as the “head of the house” where just about all decisions come down to his final say. Also, to me, traditional marriage is between a man and a woman.

Now, do I think that modern day society has ruined the traditional marriage? In some ways, yes. In other ways, I think it has just changed, or adapted to the way things are now.

The only way I think modern day society has ruined “traditional marriage” is the fact that homosexuals are allowed to be married. This is not a “bash” against those who choose this lifestyle, I just don’t agree with it and think it goes against God. I have several people close to my heart who are “gay” and I love them dearly and never treat them any differently than anyone else. I just don’t agree with it. That is all I’ll say on that. =)

In what ways do I think it has changed or adapted?

Well, “back in the day”, and even now for the women who don’t work, the house was and should be the responsibility of the wife. If you’re not working, what reason do you have not to have the house clean? Or not to have the kids clean and well behaved? Or not have dinner ready for your husband? There is no excuse at all. Women who don’t work and stay at home and have a messy home and unruly kids are just plain lazy. Why should you expect your husband to come home after a day of work and take out the trash, cook, take care of the kids….you get the point.

Today, with more women in families working, I can see and understand the sharing of household responsibilities between the husband and wife because it is a partnership. If you are both working to financially support the house, than you should both take on the household chores too.

So, I “preach” about “man of the house” and most know I am a SAHM right now. Do we go by what I consider the traditional marriage? Some what…. I take care of the house, maybe not all the time to my husbands standards, lol, but I am the one that does it. I don’t ask him to do the dishes. I don’t ask him to clean the floors, or do the laundry, or organize the closets. I cook, but he cooks too because he likes to do it. When my husband wants sex, he gets it. I do not deny him anything and he is the same with me. That doesn’t mean we ask for it when one is sick or it’s a “bad” time, there is mutual respect. Also, when it comes down to final say in decisions, it is always up to him if it needs to be. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t discuss things with me and we don’t decide on things together, because we always have. However, if it came down to it, I would let him make the final decision because he is the one who is working and supporting our family financially. Now, I’m almost done with my degree and I will be getting a job this year because the kids will all be in school full-time. Things may change some, they may not. I guess we’ll see.

I think our society has suffered some because of the lack of traditional marriages now. So many women are focused on having a career instead of taking care of their kids. (I’m not referring to women who HAVE to work, I mean women who choose to do so while having young children.) I am glad I could stay home and care for my kids, and teach them, guide them… You see so many out of control kids now-a-days, more than there were years and years ago. If you look at these children, what do you see? From my experience, I see mothers too busy to raise their own kids. They have to have their career and their kids suffer from it. No schedule at home, bouncing back and forth from baby sitter to baby sitter or daycares, how can you expect kids to really learn and be disciplined when they have so many conflicting forces to deal with at such a young age? Okay, I’ll stop with this because it could get ugly. LOL

This could go into some long winded rant, but I will just end his here. I said I would post about what I felt a traditional marriage was but I can see this going off in another direction and it’s not what I want to do. So….til next time! =)


  1. i agree 100%. so does my husband lol. as long as we can afford it he wants me to stay at home.

  2. yes, we have struggles a bit a times, but we made it... now that my daughter is in kindergarten (starting thursday!!) i will be getting a job lol

  3. just saw where you posted this and had to re-read. It's like you read my mind:) bravo! :D <3