Friday, December 2, 2011

Looking to further your education? Check this out =) ((possibly win something too))

From Stephanie Johnson -

If your husband is E1-E5 and you want to take advantage of your military spouse benefit, Martinsburg Institute offers a number of popular programs to allow you to further your education.

Martinsburg is an accredited school that loans you a laptop computer that is fully loaded with all your course materials. You can complete your training anywhere in the world since you don't need the Internet to access your curriculum. One of the best parts is that, unlike a traditional college, you can study whenever you want and wherever you want, depending on your schedule, on the days and times that best suit you.

Take advantage of this opportunity while you are still eligible.

Contact Stephanie Johnson:
Stephanie Johnson - Facebook

The first student to enroll and mention "Army Wives Do It With A Hooah" will receive a $25 Scentsy Gift Certificate

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