Saturday, November 26, 2011

425 - The Redeployment Tour (music & entertainment) - Combat Veterans

I've been hearing some hype about a group, 425, composed of two combat veterans, Neal Saunders and Terrance Staves, who released their first album "Live From Iraq" in March 2005. They've been featured on MTV, FOX NEWS, BBC, NPR, in Black Book, SPIN, Rolling Stone, Newsweek and more...

425 is doing their own clothing line too. From their group on Facebook - "Now, 4 albums and 6 years later, 425 music is changing the world! They want to bring the term "Soldier Up" into the civilian world. The term "Soldier Up" is a way of life for a Soldier on the battlefield and since they are both no longer enlisted, their battlefield is now life! They are launching a clothing line with that very same title of "Soldier Up" and want the world to wear their clothing and realize that standing idly by will not solve anything. You have to "Soldier Up" and do what has to be done or things will never change."

I have learned that 425 is also involved in a non-profit agency in Ohio called "A Dollar to Care" ... From their group on Facebook - "They support incarcerated Soldiers and their families. They currently have 16 families they are helping with 1 pending. Too often a Soldier is charged with a war crime for ensuring his own survival at war and the families suffer."

My wonderful friend Fran had the opportunity to go and see 425 perform in Killeen, Tx. She sent me one of their shirts and their CD. I'm not big on rap, BUT I really dig their CD. They speak about real life/worldly issues and issues that plague veterans of war.

I highly suggest checking them out and sharing with others who you may feel will appreciate their music, their way of life and their stance.

*Disclaimer - I am in no way, shape or form getting any kind of compensation for writing this and "advertising" 425. I simply support the "movement" of these combat veterans who have selflessly served their country. This is my way of saying "Thank you".

Links to find them around the web: -their website
425TV - their Youtube Channel
THE TIME IS NOW 4:25!!! - their group on Facebook
4:25 - their Facebook Fan page

Here I am wearing my "Soldier Up" shirt:

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