Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday morning blues...

I can't say it's really morning now since it's 12:10 as I write this... the house is quite because the kids are out playing and I'm sipping on some coffee and eating fried potatoes.. This morning has been one of those "ugh" mornings... granted I got to talk to the hubs but the end of this deployment is dragging ass!!

After talking to the hubster, I got a text from a friend who thinks her hubs might miss Thanksgiving by a day or have to leave the day of to return back from R&R. That sucks. Now, I know they can have Thanksgiving dinner early, but that it isn't the point, it still sucks. And than I see another friend had some bad news that obviously had to do with her hubby. Don't know what, but either way, my heart is heavy for her. I hate when my friends upset, especially when there is nothing I can do to help fix the situation.


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