Friday, September 21, 2012

Health/Fitness "Quiz"

Two important things need to happen for you to get healthy and fit. First, you need to have the right attitude. Second, you need make a commitment! After you've got that done, it's good to have a baseline to start at so you can physically see where you can start making better choices and start the journey to a healthier and more fit "you"!

In a book I'm reading, there is this Health/Fitness "Quiz". It helps you develop your Health/Fitness profile so you know where to go from there. When you're done answering the quiz and you get your "number", go back and see where you need improvement and set your goals from there!

Health/Fitness "Quiz"
(from Lean Mom, Fit Family By Michael Sena)

1. How often do you eat at fast-food restaurants?
Once a week = 1
Twice a week = 3
Three or more times a week = 5

2. Do you take a daily vitamin?
Yes = 1
Sometimes = 2
No = 3

3. Do you smoke?
No = 1
Sometimes = 3
Yes = 5

4. How many meals do you skip each day?
None = 1
One = 2
Two or more = 4

5. How many glasses of water do you drink daily?
Six to Eight = 1
Three to Five = 3
Zero to two = 5

6. How many servings of fiber do you eat daily?
Four or five = 1
Two or three = 3
Zero or one = 5

7. How many sugar-sweetened beverages do you drink daily?
Zero or one = 1
Two = 3
Three or more = 5

8. How many sugary treats do you eat per day?
Zero or one = 1
Two or three = 3
Three or more = 5

9. Do you drink alcohol? How much?
Zero or one drink per day = 1
Two or three drinks per day = 4
Three or more drinks per day = 5

10. How many servings of fruit & veggies do you eat each day?
Four or five = 1
Two or three = 2
Zero or one = 4

11. Do you eat in response to stress or other emotions?
No = 1
Sometimes = 3
Yes = 5

12. Do you eat fried foods more than two times per week?
No = 1
Sometimes = 3
yes = 5

13. How often do you eat fresh fish?
Three to five times per week = 1
One or two times per week = 3
Zero times per week = 5

14. How close are you to your ideal body weight?
Within 5 pounds = 1
Six to ten pounds over = 3
Eleven or more pounds over = 5

15. Do you eat healthy snacks (fruits & veggies)?
Yes = 1
Sometimes = 2
No = 3

16. Do you have low energy levels and/or severe mood swings throughout the day?
No = 1
Sometimes = 3
Yes = 5

17. How often do you engage in cardiovascular activities?
Five days a week = 1
Two to four days a week = 3
Zero or one day a week = 5

18. How often do you strength train?
Four or more times a week = 1
Two or three times a week = 3
Zero or one time a week = 5

19. How often do you take part in fun, healthy family activities and outings?
At least two times/month = 1
One time a month = 2
Every two to three months = 3
Every five to eight months = 5

20. How many hours do you sleep each night?
Eight to ten = 1
Six to seven = 3
Five or less = 5

Now add up the points to determine your Health/Fitness "Quiz" score.

20 to 30: Excellent! You're doing great, be a role model for others.
31 to 49: Good. You're doing well. Stay consistent and look for ways to go to the next level
50 to 68: Fair. You have plenty of room for improvement. evaluate and make adjustments.
69 to 94: Poor. Your health habits create significant health concern. You need to focus seriously on health and fitness in your life. Consult a physician or other health professional.

I recommend making yourself a chart and right down your score today. Make mini goals to improve on your score where you need to make adjustments. Then take this again in two weeks, after you have to stuck to your mini goals and see where you're at. Repeat two weeks after that.

Some mini goals could be:
*Aim for 8 glasses of water a day
*Walk at lest 30 mins a day
*Commit to not skipping meals
*Take a daily vitamin
*Eat more fruits & veggies each day

When you start making small, positive changes and sticking to them, they will add up to big results!

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