Monday, February 13, 2012

A Message From My Husband...

I'm really tired of seeing these posts about when a celebrity dies and people stating that an x amount of Soldiers die everyday at war. Correct me if I'm wrong, but before any of you were in the Military, Soldiers were dying and there was none of these posts.

Celebrities jobs are to entertain people. If a celebrity is an international superstar then of course they are going to get the media attention. Simply that is their business, to entertain and with that comes mass media attention when they die.

Us, as Soldiers, are in the business of killing and protecting our country by any means necessary. We don't get the attention because simply we don't need it. We have the most prestigious job in the WORLD. This is not to take any credit from our Soldiers who paid the ultimate Sacrifice. My hat is off to you and I salute you!

This is for some of you people that try to piggyback off a celebrities death and water it down to make it be all about the Soldiers. Whatever happened to just being an American and caring about people in general? Because if you didn't know it, when I take my boots and Acu's off I am still a person!

So let's not make one death mean more than the other. Because celebrities are people as well! Respect their lives, families and let the people who want to grieve over them grieve. That's the beauty of America, if you don't like it shut the fuck up and change the page or channel, but don't be that ignorant to talk about someone who died!

~An American Soldier



  2. Being an Army Brat and having family and close friends in the military, I THANK each of you and say daily prayers for all of them. Be they with us or retired or having paid the ultimate price. I did and do grieve when a celebrity that I grrew up with passed. They were'nt perfect but then again, nor am I. Thank you and God Bless you and your family for your words and service. Fort Bliss Army Brat

  3. NOTE: this is MY blog...and have NEVER removed comments before...but I WILL remove comments that are ignorant towards my husband on this post. He can say "Shut the fuck up" if he wants to. He has fought personally for that right. If you want to make an ignorant comment about him, do it on your own shit. Thank you.

  4. Than you!! I have been thinking this same thing for the past 2 days, and it's nice to finally hear a soldier's opinion on the subject...because it seems the only people I have seen posting about it on FB are not even soldiers, nor do they have close friends or family who are soldiers. I have a few close family members and friends who are active military right now, and I haven't heard one of them complain about the public recognition of Whitney's death. It seems to me it's just some "feel-good" thing non-military people are spewing because it makes them feel supportive when 99% of them don't acknowledge those who've fought for us on any other regular day either. FB sheeple love to get all up in arms about things and send around mass reposts about it because it makes them feel productive and supportive without actually going out and doing actual productive things that support the cause. They think reposting something earns them some sort of award for being a good samaritan/philanthropist. And I think it hits personally for me on this one because all the fuss seems to be more about her drug addiction and the role it may have played in her death. I lost one of my best friends to drug addiction, and I didn't mourn her any less because she was an addict. So, I don't take kindly to those who imply that people who die from addiction don't deserve to be mourned and that those who loved them don't deserve to mourn them. I don't understand why anyone would discredit (or compare the worthiness of) the death of any human being to another. Tell your husband I do personally thank him and all his fellow soldiers for their service and mourn those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and I also mourn the death of Whitney Houston because I grew up listening to her music and she was truly inspirational during her glory days. I don't deny she had her demons in her later years, but that doesn't mean she still wasn't a person who had friends, family, and fans who loved her.

  5. Thanks for reading and commenting .. I love the word "sheeple" lol