Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soulja Boy - tell 'em - My Personal Opinion, which is sure to piss people off

Why are people letting this get to them so bad? Seriously? In case you are "out of the loop", Soulja Boy said something like "f*ck the troops" in one of his recent songs. I am honestly sitting here NOT CARING. Who cares if he doesn't support the troops? Maybe he does support the troops but this was put in his song for attention and ratings? Either way, it doesn't affect me so I don't care.

What bothers me is how people, specifically military wives, are reacting to this.

I have seen some of the most disgusting things come from military spouses the past few days between this and the whole Sears fiasco and it makes me ashamed to even be lumped in with military wives.

While you ignorant ass wives are being racist towards Soulja Boy, remember that there are black service members "fighting for your freedom" as you all like to shout from the roof tops. So when the word "nigger" rolls so freely from your tongue, remember that. You make me sick. I almost feel bad that I have brought children into this world where such hatred still exists.

I saw someone say something about sending him to Afghanistan or Iraq..blah blah... did you know that some people in the "hood" had it worse during their childhood then soldiers who have been deployed but not seen combat?

By demeaning and downplaying things about this man you are no better than him. Some seem worse in my opinion.

If you're a racist bitch, I can only assume that your spouse is as well and I hope to God my husband never has to fight besides him, being a black man and all... who knows if they would really stand beside my husband... In my opinion, you disgrace yourself and your husband by acting like an ignorant jackass.

Since when did everyone have to support the troops? Is that a rule of life or something? "If you don't support the troops you should leave the U.S."... really? And what are the troops fighting for? Our freedom? NO. We already have freedom. Stop slinging that around. They are fighting in wars because our leaders don't know how to mind their own business. It's about money, oil, control... again, just my opinion..

Here are some posts that prompted me to write this... and no, I didn't block out anyones names... if they didn't want the world to see their ignorant ass posts they wouldn't have put them on a public event on Facebook.

Words like "nigger", "ghetto" and "black ass" are used. Sick.


  1. Thank you! I've been trying to point on to people for two days how stupid they are for even caring what he's saying. Ignore it and move on. Geez!

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  3. Wow I would say these people are as ignorant as soulja boy is....Who cares if he is supporting the troops. My husband is in the military and I know what he is been doing for his country. That´s all that counts right!?!?!

  4. Can I just say that I totally agree with you!!! It is just disgusting at how Ignorant and just hateful people are these days!!! Nobody said that they had to listen to souja boy!!! In my honest opinion the girl who wrote about him being a "Nigger" is just as ignorant as souja boy for writing the damn song!!! There are a lot of Black service men my husband being one and it just bothers me that people still feel the need to let this kind of ignorance and hatred come out of their mouth!!!! If you don't like what he says then don't listen to it PERIOD!! He only gets more attention by people getting all crazy about it!!!

  5. As a service member, I'd like to throw my 2 cents in. First off, I DO fight to maintain our freedoms. While our freedom may not be in immediate jeopardy, I act as a deterrent to those who would try to take it from us. Believe me, they're out there. I've stared them straight in the face. And while our freedom and liberty may not be in jeopardy, the people of Iraq and Afghanistan certainly didn't have any. Maybe we, as a country, are forgetting that at one time somebody else helped us to be free- that would be France. So while our politicians may not be able to "mind their own business", somebody had to stand up for the little guy, and I was proud to raise my right hand and do it.

    If Soulja Boy wants to be an ignorant idiot, fine. He's the one that looks like a douchebag. I know he hasn't been where I have, and will never endure the same hardships as my brothers and I have.

    And on racism- I only see one color- the color of the flag on a soldiers shoulder. White, black, red, yellow- who cares. As long as that soldier does his job and watches my back, I'll give him/her that same sacred respect of doing the same. I'd give any of the men I serve with the shirt off my back if they needed it. This is a brotherhood.

    Lastly, if you haven't deployed, shut up. I don't want to hear your opinions formulated from somebody elses story. If you didn't go over, you will never understand why we do it, because it isn't because a politician said to. We do it for each other, because over there, each other is all we have. Wives are awesome and all, but the wives don't carry a rifle and ammo into a fight. In summation, unless you've been and you know. Do those of us that HAVE gone a favor and keep it to yourself.

  6. How about no? I don't have to keep shit to myself. I'm not saying this dude wasn't a douchebag... my main point is the wives acting like jackasses... and the racism from them... If you don't like what I write, that's fine and I respect your opinion, but I'll continue to write how I feel and what I want simply b/c it's what I do. I don't care if no one likes it...obviously lol

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  8. I can agree with a FEW things she has said, about the racism, but she can't compare the "hood" with "deployment" I love what Anonymous posted. If you don't know about it don't talk about the deployment, focus on the "wives" you are bashing. But the chick doesn't need to act butt hurt when they start coming back at her, her first line was " My personal opinion- Which is sure to piss people off" If you are starting any kind of opinion do NOT open with those lines, that's sure to send the wrong message of "Hey, I'm a drama queen and I want this to be a fight" Not "This is how I feel even if there are some people who might not agree" But those are my two cents. It doesn't bother me what some ignorant "Star-boy" has to say about any of the troops because he is just that, ignorant. He will never see what those people go through, and that's ok, because we have so many others supporting them that he's just going to be lost in the backgroud noise.

  9. Here is the problem if we let some dumb ass rapper talk shit about us then it might spread like fire and we end up just like when my father came home from Vietnam instead of when I cam home everyone happy throwing us a coming home parade he got spit on called a baby killer in this country it can happen so over the past couple of years I have seen or heard a lot more people say they don't support us or care for us I am glad that I fight for this country for the spouse yes they stay home while there soldier goes to war there at home worrying about him/her not knowing if they will ever see them again taking care of the kids, bills, car problems, and so on That gives them the right to defend there soldiers if they want to. The spouse is apart of the military just as the soldier is I have the up most respect for the spouse as I do for my Brothers and Sister in the military. Yes Soiljer boy is a dumb ass rapper who probaly has not had any up bringing who is just disrespectful and thinks because he has money he can do what ever he wants. I will just tell my friends don’t buy his music because it sucks.....LMAO the best advertisement is word of mouth....LOL

  10. "let" some dumb ass rapper talk shit? he is not the only person who talks shit on the military... and as far as comparing the 'hood' to deployment, some people do have it worse in the 'hood' then some who are deployed...i'm not talking about those who see and are involved in combat...i'm not that naive..but i'm also not naive enough to think or believe that everyone who is deployed has it hard... my husband has been deployed 4times and his last deployment he did nothing but sit on his ass in his room bored to death b/c they didn't have shit for them to do... i have lived in the 'hood' and i know what it's like there.. but that wasn't the point of my post... my point is that these women are disgracing what their husbands stand for by acting like that and speaking like that