Thursday, March 31, 2011

Military Wives ~ not stereotypical ~

So, I read a blog by a woman who I perceive as bitter and cold towards military wives for the most part and she seemingly keeps trying to include herself in the "military wife" category when, in fact, her BOYFRIEND is no longer even in any military service.

Now in this blog she rants and talks about military wives... and I quote...

"And sweet mother of pearl clean your fucking house. If all you’re doing is staying home, turn on the damn vacuum. Your counters could cure cancer."

How is it that she knows EXACTLY what every woman does during the day? How is that she knows EXACTLY whose house is clean and whose isn't?

The women who I know that stay at home all day, DO KEEP THEIR HOUSES CLEAN....and if they seem to be a bit "cluttered", not dirty, it is b/c they have young kids running around constantly. I see women who stay home and are constantly cooking, cleaning, washing clothes.... it never ends!!

And for some odd reason a woman doesn't do this, who the hell is anyone to tell her she is wrong? That is between HER AND HER HUSBAND.

And I quote....

"You married him, this is his job, get over it. Boo hoo you have to raise your kids while your husband is deployed. So do the rest of us and you dont see any of us trying to “rank up” because of it."

Let me get this right... just because a woman marries a man in the military she is never allowed to complain about being alone or having the kids 24/7? Last I checked our military fought for freedom of speech so the women could bitch and moan all they wanted. At least they are bitching and moaning about something valid, unlike the writer of the horrible post who is simply bitching to be rude.

If I'm having a bad day while my husband is deployed or in school and I want to cry and boo hoo about it because I'm stressed with every thing at home, than I will. To those who don't like it - you can kindly fuck off in the direction of hell =)

And I quote...

"You get a lot of perks because of it so shut the hell up and stop embarrassing your husband."

Perks? I don't even know where to begin with that one, but I think I don't really need to for the wives who will read this. Girlfriends would not understand even if it were explained... (By no means am I saying anything mean about girlfriends, I support girlfriends and fiances too.)

And who is embarrassing their husbands? All the soldiers I meet and have met, which is alot, they never complain about their wives... actually they praise them. They are jewels in their crown. But a woman who hasn't lived in the military community as a spouse wouldn't understand or know about that.

And I quote...

"If you have nothing to be proud of outside of your husband’s accomplishments, you may want to seriously reconsider the path you have chosen."

This is funny to me solely because I know a lot of women who have their own accomplishments but don't feel the need to lie, embellish and brag about them like the author of the blog of topic.

Since I like to link my sources, here is the blog that this trash spills from... someone who claims to support military spouses...someone who was pissed off for their interview being removed from a military site b/c of the complaints they got about we really need to question why now? - BitterWomansBlogPost

Now, the women I see and interact with every single day are nothing like what that blogger seems to think.

They are the kind of women who will help you when you need it, no matter what it is...the kind of women who are strong and encourage you to maintain your strength but cry with you when you cry. Wipe your tears and tell you tomorrow will be a better day. The kind of women I know and love are kind to a fault... hard working, whether it be in the house or not, my best friends... my SISTERS... We all support each other and do what we need to do in order to keep everyone sane day to day in our hectic lifestyle...

If you don't know women like the friends I have, than maybe you need to look inside yourself and chip away at your stone heart... if you look for no good, you will find no good... open your eyes and your heart and live with love and understanding... you'll be much happier =)



  1. I don't know any ladies like the ones she speaks of. Maybe she should stop hanging around with the little girls of the world and make friends with REAL WOMEN

  2. bahahahha! Jamie, you are awesomee!:) I would love for her to come inspect my house! (after of course I clean up from sitting on my couch watching reruns of army wives all day, ignoring my children and chowing down on twinkies and complaining about my husband getting home a few minutes later.)

  3. I know a wife that calls his commander and complains when he doesnt come home at a certain time. I cant stand her...She also calls just to rat him out when he doesnt do this for the kids or that for the kids. I dont get people like that. They are just stupid.

  4. "just starting out".... my husband's command would have cussed her out.