Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Military Formals & Balls

What exactly does one wear to these functions? Well, obviously not sweats and a t-shirt, the way I like to lounge around... lol

Seriously though, I've had a few posts about this on *AWDIWH* and I figured I'd address it. My bestie just went to her first ball and she said she had a blast. She told me that some of the women there looked amazing... beautifully dressed up...and others, not so much... She said you could see one womans booty when she bent over because of how short her dress was. *insert me rolling my eyes and shaking my head*

My other friend said she got an email about how to dress accordingly at the ball. She read it to me and it sounded like the FRG leader was basically trying to nicely say, "Don't dress like a streetwalker because you represent your husband." She was more tactful than I would have been...maybe that is why I'm not cut out for positions in the FRG...lol

So, what should you wear? There really is no one certain thing. You can wear a long dress or a short dress... IMO a short dress for the ball is between shin and knee length. Anything above the knee would be inappropriate to me. Again, that is just my opinion.. I have been to a few balls and I'm taking my opinion from what I have seen, and what I wish I didn't see. What has been seen cannot be undone =( I'd also like to point out a few things about the breasts...yes the "gals"... If you are a big busted woman, I know sometimes it is hard to find appropriate fitting things, I'm a big busted woman myself so this is how I know. However, we can make sure we have proper support and buy something that fits us so that our breasts aren't spilling out of dress! If someone is looking at you thinking, "if she lifts her arms her boobs will spill out all over" then you are not wearing the correct size dress. And just because you might have smaller "gals" it doesn't mean it is appropriate to go bra-less in gowns that don't support that. Keep the "gals" in check no matter what your size. There is a way to look sexy and classy at the same time. Showing a little bit goes a long way..showing too much is just overboard.

And what woman doesn't like jewelry?! From what I have seen, something small and elegant always looks wonderful! When you've got a necklace on that is too big and "gawdy" it takes away from your dress and frankly, IMO, looks kinda ghetto. Simplicity always looks good.

Let me touch on make-up too. For the love of Cover Girl, leave the 80s make-up alone!!! Bright and bold make-up just doesn't "mesh" with a formal evening... Remember, this is just my personal opinion and it's cool if you don't agree lol

Alcohol! Most of these functions have alcohol... if you can't hold liquor, don't drink. Don't go into a formal evening and drink so much that you end up making yourself and your soldier look like asses. Falling on the dance floor because you had one too many Long Island Iced Teas is embarrassing and you'll forever be known as that "THAT" one.

Let me show you what I mean =)


  1. Lovely! Another insight: If you are dancing on the dance floor and notice that the soldiers are tipping you or stuffing $1s in your clothing, re-think your attire and/or dance moves..

    Pam S :-D

  2. "But Jamie, you are telling spouses what to wear. You are no better than them, if they dress like street walkers before they married a soldier, they will continue to do it because they don't reflect on their husband at all."

    Sorry. Had to quote a female here that denies help whenever she is given it with that kind of tone XD

    1. LOL hey, someone NEEDS to tell some how to dress lol