Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breast Reduction - Part 1

I've decided to "document" my little "journey" to getting a breast reduction. It isn't something that I decided on a whim, I've been thinking about it for years now. It really became clear to me that I wanted one last year when I lost almost 50lbs and my breast didn't get any smaller...not one bit...Then this year I gained half that back from my thyroid medication being off! In order for me to lose weight, I need to exercise extra hard, but with DDD's, it is painful. So here we go...

I went to my regular doctor and told him my problems and requested that he give me a referral for a breast reduction. It took about a week to go through with Tricare. I'm seeing a plastic surgeon in Savannah and I'm glad I'm doing it there because they have a great team!

Today was my first appointment, my "consultation". At this appointment, I met the doctor and his assistant. We talked about why I wanted a breast reduction, the size I wished to be and they took measurements and pictures. If you're modest, let it go. You will be a professional manner of course, lol.

Did you know that 98% of your symptoms/problems from large breasts will disappear with a reduction? Another small fact - our breasts are not the same size! One may be slightly bigger than the other! I didn't know that before today lol.

My surgeon told me that it is an out-patient surgery. Meaning, I will go in in the morning and leave later that day. He said that it takes about 2hrs and I will be in recovery for about 2hrs. I will get pain medication and have to take it very easy for about a week. At the end of my second week I will be able to start slowly easing back into my regular activities.

After meeting with him I met with the secretary who handles getting the actual surgery approved by Tricare. She said I'm a perfect candidate but it should take about 2 to 3 weeks to get approved. I have heard that it takes less. Maybe they say that just in case. After I'm approved, they will give me 2 appointments. One will be my surgery and one will be for a week before my surgery to get me my prescriptions for my medications afterwards and for last minute instructions.

I'm so excited to be getting this done! Don't get me wrong, I'm nervous because of the pain and it is a major surgery, but I'm excited that I'll be on my way to feeling so much better physically and begin getting my health back on track.

Some pretty pictures!!

Here are some certificates on the wall (yes I know, I was bored lol)

Here I am after putting on my robe for the doc to "examine me" and take pics:

And here is the black area I stood against and did my amatuer playboy shoot (haha, I joke...):

Stay tuned =)


  1. I know how you feel. I have a band and cup difference of 7 inches making me, cough cough a G cup or DDDD cup. I just squeeze my puppies into a DD cup. Its annoying but well yeah eventually I too will look into the same surgery. Hope your surgery goes well.

  2. I went from a J to a DD about 6 years ago. If you want to chat or have any questions, let me know. Good luck! I would (and likely will) do it again in a heartbeat. Truthfully, it's more uncomfortable than painful during the healing process.

  3. I go for my pre-approval consult on Saturday! I am just out of a DDD and now an E! I hope I get approved! And good luck on your surgery!


  4. JAIMEEEEEEEE Lord knows I need to do this!! NOW!! but as you stated in your 2nd Blog.. its not only the fact of the pain but how we have been with these "girls" for about 10yrs! its hard to just let it go! i guess~ ;/ Hopefully Prayerfully i come to my right senses and get this surgery soon!!! myself!! Always praying for you mama!! :*~ aunjanaya

  5. thanks ladies =) good luck vanesa!

  6. Who is the doctor? I am going to discuss this with my doctor to get a referral. I have been wanting to do this for a couple years. I am not huge, but big enough to cause back issues that I can live without. I am in Savannah area as well!
    Good luck!!

  7. I'm an f cup. I'm 23 & been strugglung with big breasts since i was 13, I've always thought about a reduction but I am terrified, do you have any suggestions for me? You can email me at thank you

  8. The doctor I'm seeing is Luke Curtsinger...he is really nice and I'm totally at ease with him and his staff... he is in the plaza right next to St Josephs ... 900 mohawk road

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I wanted to write about my experience so others had an idea of what they are getting into and maybe it will help ease the mind of those thinking of doing it!

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