Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Imagination =)

When I was younger I use to have a tent for my bed... now the one I had didn't have butterflies on it... more like a cartoon woodsy theme, but here is an example just in case you are not sure what one is:


The other day, my son used a whole bunch of boxes out of the recyclable bin and made himself a "skate park" for his tech deck. In case you're lost, a tech deck is a mini skateboard you play with and do tricks with using your fingers. When I saw what he did, I was so proud!! His imagination is amazing with how he made his "skate park". When I saw it, it also reminded me of my bed tent.

Of course I didn't build my bed tent, it came in a box, but boy did I have an imagination in there. At the foot of my bed, the bed tent had a little mesh window that also had a fabric cloth with velcro so I could "close" the window if I wanted. I was many things in my tent.

Most girls when they are little play that they are princesses. I was one of those girls. I would sometimes play that it was my secret place to get away from all those "peasants" who were annoying me, or I was locked in a tower or dungeon (whichever fit my mood that day) and waiting for my prince to rescue me. (You know you waited for a prince too!! LOL)

Sometimes I would pretend it was my submarine and I was deep in the ocean exploring sharks and sting rays and other sea creatures. Once I even discovered the Loch Ness monster. (I know, Nessi was in a lake, not the ocean, but hey, I was a kid.)

When I would get in trouble and be grounded to my room, I would imagine I was in jail and plead my innocence in my journal by flashlight. And boy was that cell ever so small...no room for a sink or toilet. You know I didn't even have a mirror?!

I spent many days in my tent drawing and coloring...some of my favorite things to do. I would sneak snacks in there and get trouble of course, but it was all worth it. Only certain stuffed animals were worthy enough to be in the tent, the others were put on the shelf. Sometimes I would switch them out, but a few never left it.

I miss my tent... I wonder if they have ones that fit queen sized beds? I don't think the hubster would go for that though. =)

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