Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Amberz ❤

I've seen some people asking lately, "What is the thing you love most about the Army?" For me, being a spouse, it is the great friends I have made. Friends that I will take with me in my heart to my grave. One of these friends is Amber.

Some may think our friendship strange because she is a soldier and I am a spouse. There are those who have these pre-conceived thoughts that female soldiers don't like spouses and all spouses think female soldiers are whores... yadda yadda... not me and Amber...

Our husbands worked together and the first day I met her was one I will never forget because it was a very important day for me... when I was in the hospital with the twins. We got together a few times after that and then we were pretty much inseparable. In the short time we had together, about 2 yrs, we became very close and shared so many things... moments, memories of our pasts, secrets... Amber helped me in more ways than she probably realizes.

Dexter nights were our thing... we would get some food, either from the Hawiian place around the corner or we would cook ourselves, and we would watch the newest episode of Dexter, every week.

Amber turned me on to my now fave alcoholic drink, Southern Comfort. I remember we went to the bar, "Wild Country", and she asked me did I want a double shot of "SoCo"... huh? What was that? LOL She told me to trust her and I did... she had me hooked, lol.

I miss my Amberz and her kids. That is the thing I hate most about being in the army lifestyle...having to leave those you hold close to your heart...the people who become more like family to you than your own blood. That sucks. =(

Picture time:

Our Drink...

New Years Eve 2008... drunk off our asses... what a night!

Amber across my counter, her fave spot LOL


  1. Awwww now you have me crying!!! Those were the days and not a day goes by where I don't think about you and miss yall!! If you were here I would be at your house everyday, making up things to eat while our kids are fighting in the background hahahha. I remember before we went to see you in the hospital and Matthew was like yah Jamie is cool and in my mind I was thinking umm yah right ok Matthew. We walked in and I remember that little crappy tv you were watching lol. I am blessed to have you as a friend, Darrell is blessed to have you as a wife, and the kids are lucky to have you as a mom whether they realize it or not. You are stronger than you know, you have gone through so many things that for most people would've caused them to lose it. Not you though, you always pick your head up and just keep going. I love you and always will. Once I have this kid I'm gonna have to get out there and see yall. I'm also gonna need you to catch up on Dex, obviously you need me there nagging you to watch it lol. Love you !!!

  2. aww i love you too!! thanks lovey... what you say means the world to me =)