Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10 Uses for Coffee Grounds

Cool article in one of my fave magazines - "First for Women"... I'm a coffee drinker so this caught my eye =)

1. Freshen up a musty car overnight - cut foot off old pair of panty hose and fill with used, dry coffee grounds, tie off the open end and put in your car cup holder over night ((put newspaper in cup hold first to avoid stains))...take out in the morning

2. Solve an ant problem - sprinkle loose grounds around the outside perimeter of your house

3. Erase scuff marks on wood furniture - dip a cotton swab in damp coffee grounds and use it to lightly dab the "offending area"

4. Quickly reduce the appearance of cellulite - combine 1cup of coffee grounds with 2/3cup olive or baby oil and rub mixture into problem areas for 2mins... hop in shower and rinse off

5. Reveal a soft glowing complexion - mix 1/4cup coffee grounds with one egg white and massage the mixture into your face... let dry, rinse with warm water

6. Sweep without kicking up dust - sprinkle damp coffee grounds onto the floor before sweeping

7. Sop up oil spills - cover spilled oil spot with coffee grounds and let sit for 15mins then sweep them up

8. Tenderize tough cuts of meat - Coat steaks with olive oil and then rub on a mixture of 1/3cup each of black pepper and fresh coffee grounds, chill for 30mins and grill as usual

9. Ensure beautiful blooming shrubs - work a thin layer of coffee grounds into the dirt around your plants, use 1 to 2cups for every eight bushes

10. Add dimension to brunette hair - steep 1/4cup of coffee grounds in 3cups hot water, let cool completely, strain and pour over damp clean hair and leave for 2mins and rinse with warm water

**Feel free to share more tips you have for uses with coffee grounds in the comments =)


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