Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top 10 Secrets for GREAT Sex!

I'm always reading books b/c I am always going to the library!! The book I'm reading now is by Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer & Pierre A. Lehu - "Top 10 Secrets for Great Sex". So, I thought I would share some of the "secrets" =)

Secret#1 - Make Sex a Priority

"If 2 people can't get in synch spontaneously, then they must schedule time and circumstance for sex."

"If finding the time and privacy to have sex is a problem at home, you need to make some changes so that your love life has a place in which to be nurtured."

"To maintain and increase your level of intimacy with your partner, make sure that you keep your sex life in good shape."

"Pay attention to how you appear in front of your partner."

Secret#2 - Know Thyself

"In order to have the best possible sex, you have to understand your own sexual functioning."

"Make sure that you learn as much about your sexual functioning as possible so that you can avoid difficulties caused entirely by sexual illiteracy."

"If you need help from a professional concerning a sexual problem, get it."

Secret#3 - Know Your Partner

"Be open to new ideas"

-have discussions with your partner concerning: initiating, pleasure, erotica, fantasies, positions...

"Begin conversations about your sex life with realistic expectations."

Secret#4 - Know Your Kama "Ruthra" ((Kama Sutra))

"Make use of new positions to stimulate your brain and heart."

"Let your partner know how to give you the most pleasure."

"Tell your partner how you're feeling by either using words or noises."

"If you want your relationship to last, remain monogamous."

Secret#5 - Kick Boredom out of Your Bedroom by Kicking it out of Your Life

"Make your life more interesting."

Secret#6 - Remember the Romance

"Don't allow the romance of your relationship to diminish as your years together add up."

"Pay attention to the atmosphere when trying to create a romantic setting."

"Plan on taking time away from home to increase the romance in your relationship."

Secret#7 - Afterplay is as Important as Foreplay

"Don't forget to remain consciously together for a few moments after orgasm."

Secret#8 - Improve Communication

"Work at remaining connected through good communication."

"Learn to read your partners moods."

"Don't use just words to communicate, but also show signs of affection physically."

Secret#9 - Prepare for the Changes that Lie Ahead

Secret#10 - Mastering Masturbation

**there is so much in this book that I just gave an overview of the sections lol... be sure to look it up in your library and read it!! Very good read!

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