Monday, May 30, 2011

What's the difference? Memorial Day/Veterans Day

I just need to say that it annoys the hell out of me when people get the two confused or think it doesn't matter that they interchange the two "holidays". These two days are NOT interchangeable.

Memorial Day was originally called "Decoration Day". Memorial Day is a day to honor those who died in war. Let me repeat one time.... A DAY TO HONOR THOSE WHO DIED IN WAR. Now, in my mind, I include all who have died while serving their country. Some may not like that, but that's okay.

Veterans Day is an annual United States holiday honoring military veterans. Veterans, those who served in the past and those who presently serve. Veterans Day is for those who are alive.

Now, while I do appreciate and I am thankful that people even acknowledge our troops at all, I just wish they would learn the difference. My husband has lost several soldiers in his time in the army...too many in his 9yrs so far. I'm sure my husband wouldn't want to be acknowledged on a day specifically meant to honor his fellow fallen soldiers.

So while people are out getting drunk and having their BBQ's on this "holiday", remember WHY you are able to do so. Remember the meaning of Memorial Day and remember the troops who this day is for.



  1. I came across this blog post on facebook and just wanted to say....
    I don't think people "interchange" the days. I think that they just want to thank a solider who is still alive on memorial day because like you said, your husband lost comrades while deployed.....So thank you to him for even thru the loss, the pain of leaving his family, and for serving a country that almost didn't support him (the almost not getting paid)....we appreciate it. It's a respect thing. Not a disrespect to those who are gone or to those who are not or vice versa on the given day.

  2. Memorial Day is also the date my Husband and I lost our 16 yr old son to Bully-scide He was on Camp Casey asleep, So we still honor them as every Army Family does but now we include our son Christian Taylor as he was a Army Child and has been a Military child his entire life.! which brings me to the reason Why I started the Christian Taylor Foundation to bring much attention we need to bring to this behavior which is taking our beautiful Talented greatest loves.....

  3. I was told about this specific blog by a friend. Have to add my two cents. Dramatic much? Why do you even have the right to preach on how, when or who everyone should recognize on any "holiday". Get off your high horse. You are not, nor will you ever be the spokesperson for the Army or the wives of the Soldiers. Get over yourself!

  4. How is my blog dramatic? It is my opinion and you are free to ignore it if you don't like it. I never claimed to be a spokesperson for the army or the wives of Soldiers. I am however a soldiers wife and will speak about whatever the hell I want. You posting telling me to get off my high horse was dramatic. Don't be a hypocrite hon.

  5. I'm not being a hypocrite. I just am not understanding who you think you are. Walk a mile in a widows shoes, then tell everyone what they should and shouldn't do HON!

  6. can you get someone to remove that tampon from your butt? Jamie is in NO WAY being dramatic, or wrong for that matter! You actually think that those who died for our country don't deserve their OWN day?! The fact IS that Memorial day was STARTED and CONTINUED to MEMORIALIZE those who have fallen in battle. Google that! There is a huge difference between Veterans day and Memorial day, and she was stating that difference. All the military members I talked about this very thing last night ALL thought it was wrong to be recognized today, as well as a friend of mine who lost her husband in Iraq a few years ago. SHE agrees as well. My husband will not accept recognition today, because its not FOR him.

  7. Walk a mile in a widow's shoes? Where did I say anything to offend a widow that would make you even say that? You make absolutely no fucking sense at all.

  8. LOL Jessica... I think this chick is lacking in the reading comprehension area.

  9. Must be nice to comment on someone's post, as "Anonymous". Who she is? She is a person with opinions, who happens to be a mil spouse. Walking in a widow's shoes has nothing to do with how she feels, or the exact meaning of a day.

  10. I love reading your blog. I think its a good idea to inform people about the difference of the two holidays. Many people don't know the true meaning of a holiday. Your right, its not a day about having BBQ's with friends even though thats what we do. We need to focus more on the meaning and why we even have this holiday. Its just like christmas and easter and thanksgiving. We focus on what we have made the holiday and not what its truly about.

    Anonymous commenter is the one who is being dramatic. I have had many of those comments from anonymous commenter as well. Most of mine have been that they hate my posts and tell me that my grammar makes them want to throw up. I believe people who post comments as anonymous are to afraid to reveal who they really are because they don't want someone coming back at them and getting mad at them. I can't stand them.

    Thank you for blogging. I do enjoy reading!

    If you have time, check out my blog.

    Thanks again!