Friday, October 7, 2011

Odd Girl Out

Today has been a movie day for movie I watched was on Lifetime Movie Network. The movie was "Odd Girl Out" - in this movie a girl who was a part of the popular crowd in high school was targeted by her "friends" because they thought she was hitting on a boy one of the other girls liked.

They spread rumors about her and had people in school calling her a slut and a whore, they talked about her weight and hair in the bathroom when they knew she was in one of the stalls, they made websites about her and harassed her on instant messenger.

The one girl kept trying to act like she was still her best friend and basically told her everything was fine and she was over-reacting... she told her that her birthday party had been moved up a week and this girl got all dressed up to show up and nobody be there.

This girl, who was a straight A student and overall good kid, began ditching school to avoid her bullies...her grades began to suffer and she was in a bad mood at home all the time. The day she heard them in the bathroom talking about her hair, she went home and chopped it all off... the night she showed up to the party and nobody was there, she overdosed on pills. Her mom was at a loss because she didn't know what to do to help her... the school wouldn't take action because the bullying wasn't "violent"...

Finally at the end, this young girl stood up for herself and was better for it. Watching this movie and seeing the heartbreak this girl endured and the pain the mother had because she couldn't help her daughter tore me up.. As a mother now, I can't imagine having my own child go through something like that and seeing them in emotional pain like this girl was.

I was thinking back to my high school years and I really can't remember if I picked on anyone.. I'm sure I called someone a bitch or maybe even a slut out of jealousy a time or two, but I wasn't a "bully bully"... but even thinking back and knowing I may have hurt a girl in high school makes me feel bad... and I'm sorry.

If you haven't seen this movie, I suggest it... brought tears to my eyes and enlightenment to my heart..

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