Sunday, October 30, 2011

The History of *Army Wives Do It With Hooah*

It all began on myspace about 5yrs ago... I was bored and lonely during my husbands 3rd deployment so I decided to look up army wives groups on myspace. ((You know, when myspace was cool and all lol))

So I found this one group that seemed to be pretty active called "Doin' it with Hooah". The girl who made the group didn't mod it in any way and just kinda let it grow on it's own. I lurked for a bit to get a feel of the group and the members and honestly, they scared me.

They were honest, blunt and to the point. They gave advice and debated and joked around. I gradually started posting and getting to know them... and the main posters are still "good internet friends" to this day. I even know 2 personally in real life, like we hang out and stuff =)

Then one day, our group was invaded by trolls and we couldn't do anything about it because the mod had given up on the group. The trolls had html codes to mess up our group and it all went to crap. So, we left the group and I made a new one and later another... "We do it with Hooah" and then "Hooah - we do it with Pride". They became dead though because myspace died.

So when all migrated to Facebook I decided to start a new one, but this time a page that could be seen by all. Our first page on Facebook, which had the same name (AWDIWH) didn't go as I planned... it was like a Facebook version of the mean girls club! It was crazy. I was disappointed. So I deleted it and started a fresh one, the one that is on Facebook now.

It has really come a long way from the original group on myspace. I wanted to help others and have a place where we could be free to say what we please, talk about any and every thing from army stuff to what color we paint our nails lol... it really got better when I started doing "inboxes" - where people send me in questions and I post them anonymously so that their identity was kept hidden. It must have been a good idea b/c it became a popular thing that other pages started doing as well. I like that I started a page "trend" lol...

We vent and laugh and give advice... the fans aren't afraid to voice their opinions or say how they feel b/c they know I'm not ban crazy like a lot of army/military support pages... I don't like to censor, ban or delete... and the page went really well when I made rules for it. My rules aren't strict, they just simple common sense and small things to help the page run smoothly.

I have gotten so many emails/messages about how the page has helped someone and that is why I keep doing it. Helping others makes me feel great.

I hope everyone enjoys the page as much as I enjoy it. =)

Here is a photo album on my page that shows some "love" for AWDIWH
Photo Album - AWDIWH love


  1. That's awesome. Some of the coolest things come about from our own need for them. Happy you made it happen :o)