Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weird things I do -

We all have things we do that are odd or funny to others... well, last night I was telling the hubs about one thing I do and he looked at me like I was weird!

Is it weird that...
-when I play Angry Birds and the little thing you have to destroy is on the verge of tipping over, that I lean to the side a little hoping it will help make it tip completely?
-when I watch The Twilight Saga New Moon that I keep thinking maybe Bella will changer her mind and give it up to Jacob?
-when I call my grandma of fifty million years that I also say "Hey grandma, it's Jamie" ... like she doesn't know my voice by now?

Those are just a few... lol.. what are some weird things you do?

1 comment:

  1. My grandma doesn't know it is me when I call, because my mom, me and my sister all sound the same...added to that my Great Grandma is super confused because we all sound like my grandma...if that makes sense!