Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Communion - by: Jean Blasiar & Jonathan Marcantoni

A few months ago Jonathan asked me if I would read "Communion" and give him a review. Of course I jumped at the chance and told him yes. I'm very honored at having the opportunity to review the book.

"Communion" is a mixture of magical realism and war-set family drama revolving around a little girl, Gem, who's ability to communicate with animals assists her in her search to locate her father, who has gone missing in action at the height of World War II. It is at once an intimate portrait of a small Ohio town affected by war and an emotional epic about the enduring love between husband and wife and father and daughter.

This book brought on so many emotions throughout it and I can’t even begin to describe them all, but I will touch on a few.

I liked all of the characters for certain reasons, even Abby, but I had three favorites: Gem Commons, Melanie Commons, and the General.

I immediately fell in love with Gem and her innocence. I could picture her in my mind going about her daily activities in a carefree way, playing with her bears and interacting with her animal friends. I knew she was going to be special. I love that she was so determined and strong-willed...qualities that in the end would pay off big time.

My love for Melanie did not happen so fast. My first thought was that she was too easily pushed over by her mother-in–law and that annoyed me. However, as the story progressed, she became such a strong woman. When her husband left for war, I knew, being a military spouse myself, I was going to feel a connection with her. I could understand her struggles and feel her pain. I felt sympathy for her and had hope for her.

The General was also a favorite as soon as he appeared in the book. He was a little pushy, yet polite. He was firm and direct, yet with compassion. His generosity and love towards Gem and Melanie melted my heart. Towards the end I felt fate is what had brought him into their lives. With his connections and power and Gem’s unique gift and determination the book came to a very emotional end for me.

If you're looking for a great, heart warming story, "Communion" is a must read. I really feel that ALL military spouses will love this book as much as I did.

To get your copy (I'll be ordering my own book very soon!) you can go to the following -

Savant Books & Publications


Barnes & Noble

"Communion" by Jean Blasiar and Jonathan Marcantoni - 280 pages - 5.25" x 8" Pocketbook -ISBN 978-0-9832861-4-1. Suggested retail price $16.95. Released October 2011 by Savant Books and Publications, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

*Personal note: I am not receiving any kind of "reward" for posting this review. I genuinely loved the book and simply want to help spread the word.

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