Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembering Memories

"We do not remember days, we remember memories." - Cesare Pavese (The Burning Brand)

Random memories ...

Some people say you can't remember things from before you were 4yrs old. Well I remember something from when I was 2yrs old. Growing up I would have these "flash backs" sometimes of me, as a little girl, hiding in the bathroom behind the door. I remember something "stinky" and remember feeling afraid and hearing my grandma call my name over and over... so, I asked my grandma about it one day. I told her about my "flash backs" and she started laughing. She told me that I was about 2yrs old that day. She remembered it well b/c she was watching me that day. Apparently, I was in the potty training stage and had my panties full of poop. I had taken it and smeared it on windows and doors. So that explains my feeling afraid and why I was hiding and why I remember something "stinky" LOL

I remember when I first started taking notice to differences in people of different races. My mother had a tubberware party and had her friends over. The tubberware lady was a black lady. I remember her being really nice and I felt comfortable with her. So, I innocently asked her why were her lips so much bigger than mine. I remember the look on my mothers face and you would think she wanted to die. She apologized to the woman for my question and the woman told her that it was fine. Then she looked at me and told me that her lips were bigger then mine for a few reasons. One being that she was older so everything on her was bigger. Two, that God, for some reason in all His wisdom, decided that folks of darker color should have bigger lips and that God made everyone special and perfect in his eyes. I had said I wished God gave me big lips because hers were pretty. She told me that God made me just as I am suppose to be and that I should love it no matter what. I remember that was my first "discussion" about God.

One memory that really sticks out from my teens has to do with my husband. We had known each other for about a month and had been "dating" for about 2 weeks. He would come over every day after football practice to visit with me. One day we were leaving my house, I think we were taking a walk or something, not sure, and he was in front of me. He was taller than me and he stopped on the step right below me on the porch. He turned around so that we were face to face, eye to eye. He looked at me with such sincerity and with so much certainty he said, "I'm gonna marry you." I told him, "You don't even know me." He said, "I know enough to know I love you and I'm gonna marry you."... and then he gave me a sweet, gentle kiss. ((And now look at us, 15yrs later with 3 kids lol))

What are some memories you have that brings a smile to your face?

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