Monday, February 27, 2012

"Chex Mix" - a prescription drug party

When I was a teenager I did some stupid things...we all have I'm sure. I use to tell my mom I was staying over so & so's house and I really stay at my boyfriends and party half the night.

The parties I would go to there would be people smoking weed, making out, and drinking 40's and Boones know you remember Boones LOL... we sat around playing cards and listening to music...some people danced... I did not, sadly I lack in the coordination department lol

Now that I have put that out there let me tell you what I heard on the radio this morning. Apparently, teens now, go to parties and make a "chex mix". This "chex mix" consists of prescription pills that the kids steal from their parents. They empty all the pills into a big bowl and mix it up. They then each take 2 pills, not knowing what pills they are taking.

The only prescription pills I have are my thyroid pills...for someone without an underactive thyroid my pills would be like speed for them. I can't imagine a teen taking my dosage, let alone mixing it with something else! And I'm sure that along with the pills, these teens are drinking too.

Teen parties now-a-days include heavy drug use, strong alcohol and sex. I can only pray that I raise my kids well enough to have better sense than this. My boys are turning 13 & 12 this summer... it scares the shit out of me.

Here are some websites that might be of interest to those with kids:
Parents: The anti-drug

Spread the word so that parents of teens are aware of this new trend... you never know if it will be your child.


  1. That is so scary!! I sure hope I can teach my kids better than that and with my family experience I can show them first hand how much it will hurt them. My brother's best friend since 2nd grade died at 19 years old from a vicodin overdose, the day before Kristen was born. He had a 2 year old little boy. At the funeral I was sitting in the row behind the little boy and he asked his mommy when daddy was going to wake up. It broke my heart! At the time my brother was just as heavy into the pills and it could have been my brothers' funeral that day. It just so happened to be the wake up call he needed. But it had the opposite affect on my youngest brother who has since spiraled downward into depression and pills. It's a sad world and I hope to use the experience as one of many to educate my girls and bubba and hopefully they never fall prey to such stupidity at this!!