Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spouses to blame? Not Completely...

There is all this "hoop la" about a wife who found out her husband had died in combat via text last week. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones. In no way do I think how she found out was right...not at all. I would be horrified to find out that way and I'm saddened for her that she did.

You can read about it here - Army: Spouses to Blame for KIA Notification Fail

However, I think putting all the blame on the spouses of the unit is wrong. Yes, they are partly to blame. Even though there was a communications blackout, someone got word to someone else back home...meaning a soldier told his wife what happened. My husband has been deployed 4 times and been through numerous blackouts...there is ALWAYS a way to contact home if they want to bad enough. These soldiers should know whether or not their wives are busy bodies and will open their mouths.

From the article - “Truth can grow legs and change into rumor, and information is shared improperly before the Army can do the right thing.”

How true is that?!! How many times have people ran their mouth and people were told the wrong information? Something as little as "Sgt Jones tripped down the steps and broke his ankle" can turn into "Sgt Jones was ambushed and the enemy broke his leg." - What if someone was told their husband was dead and he really wasn't?

Maybe everyone, soldiers & spouses, should learn to keep their mouths shut about important things like this. Of course this is meant towards those who like to be busy bodies lol...


((remember this is solely my opinion lol))


  1. My opinion exactly, the spouse wouldn't know if Joe didn't tell her...

  2. We are making an assumption that the Army knew where to find the Spouse. The Solider was from a different HOR. Is it not possible that the Parent's were notified and the Spouse's location was unknown? She was at here parent's home. A lot of spouses go home during deployments without letting people know where they are going. Who's at fault for that when this happens?

  3. anonymous - I was thinking that too... she went back home and maybe her contact info wasn't up to date with Rear D...