Thursday, March 22, 2012

Girl Time w/ Alexis --- *My 300th Blog Post*

When I was growing up, my mother never spent much quality time with me and as I got older I realized how much it really bothered me. My boys, who are 11 and 12, don't care much to hang out with me. I guess I'm not cool, I don't know lol...but my daughter thinks I'm the best thing ever!

Alexis loves going everywhere with me. She started the whole "girls day out" thing last year when she wanted to go somewhere with me "without the boys", meaning no DeeJay, no Richie, and no Daddy. So sometimes we sneak off to WalMart and get a special treat, or sneak out to eat, just the two of us...or the park or the library... she has a blast...and when she is happy, I'm happy.

Well, last month we did a girls weekend out! That was a blast!! We went up to Fort Benning, just me and her, to meet Rissa, Tasha & Sarah... we went out to eat, jumped on the beds in the hotel room, went to the Circus and sang like nuts during the car ride there and back.

Here she was on the way the back surrounded by all the Scentsy Buddies she wanted to bring. ((She loves those things lol))

Our next "girls day out" that I took some pictures of was on St.Patty's Day when we went down to the Jacksonville Zoo - Jacksonville Zoo FB Page - it was about a 2hr drive for us, but so worth it!! We both loved the Zoo...

We rode on the train, touched Sting Rays at "Sting Ray Bay", saw lots of animals, rode the Carousel, saw Butterfly Hollow & played in a maze... Great day =)

Love my "baby" girl =)