Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sons Of Anarchy *Season 5 Finale* ((Spoiler Alert & Graphic Pics))

Normally, I don't write about television shows and give re-caps or spoilers, but I have to write about this! I can't remember the last time I felt so many different emotions on one show.. SOA seems to do it every time!

Last night was the season finale for Season 5, as all die hard SOA fans know. The episode was called "J'ai Obtenu Cette" - which in the French means "I Got This"... and boy did he!! (He being Jax, of course.)

**Spoilers to follow (and graphic pics) - You've been warned!**

The episode opened with Jax going to Pope and worrying about if he'll be able to trust him once Tig is out of the picture since he says Tig is all he has left that Pope wants. Jax gets Pope to agree to have a few more things in writing to secure himself and then heads on his way.

 Next, Jax and the boys go to help Nero with a problem on his turf. The other leader of a rival gang had been getting out of control and they were about to light his ass up! When Nero told that woman at the shop "I'm back" it gave me chills... they went to this warehouse where this gang was holding dog fights. That scene was horrible!! I felt sick watching the dogs fight.. and I felt even sicker when I thought the owner of the losing dog was going to shoot it. Tig wasn't having it though! My man Tig to the rescue. Right before the man was about to shoot the dog, Tig came around and put his gun to his head.. a sense of relief washed over me... it was sad seeing the dogs piled up in the trash cans though =( Anywho, they get the  guy their looking for in a classic SOA shoot out with total bad-assery.

Elsewhere, Tara was having another check-up on her hand/wrist..turns out it's healing much better than expected. Wendy ends up coming in and telling Tara about Jax drugging her and Tara tells her she is getting her and her boys out of there. Am I weird in wishing that she would take Wendy with her? My heart feels soft for Wendy...all she wants to do is get better and be around her son. Meanwhile, Gemma saw flowers for Tara, welcoming her to her new job in another state. After leading Clay on to believe she is going with him to Belfast, Gemma sets out to see Tara. She finds Tara in her office and threatens her. Telling her that if she tries to leave Charming with "her boys" that she will go to the cops and tell them that she is the one who gave Tara the necklace that Otto used to murder that nurse. Gemma said she will tell them that after all was said and done, Tara told her she knew what Otto planned to do. Tara would be in jail for conspiracy to commit murder and Gemma would have claim on her boys. Tara didn't flinch and told her to do what she had to do because she was leaving Charming.

Next comes one of the big moments every SOA fan was waiting for! At the end of the last episode, we saw a preview of Jax pulling a gun on Tig.. I didn't want to believe it b/c we all know previews can be deceiving. It's time for Jax to hand over Tig to Pope. Jax calls Pope's right hand man and tells him everything is cool but he is running a little late (which he really isn't). Jax leads Tig to this warehouse where he says is more dog fighting and they're gonna handle it. When they get there, Tig asks is this right place and Jax says yeah while pulling the gun on him. Tig looks as shocked as we all felt. Jax tells him to get rid of the gun and the knife and Pope pulls up. Tig is hurt, shocked and even looks a bit confused. Jax and Tig exchange some words. Jax gets the papers he wanted from Pope and tells Pope to "do it" inside the warehouse so  the hikers he saw don't hear anything. At this point, my heart is pounding and I wanted to cry! All I could think was "Not Tig!! Not Tig!!".. then Jax comes to the rescue! He shoots the guy standing outside, goes in and takes out two others and then hands his gun to Tig... he basically tells Tig to shoot the bastard who killed his daughter. There is one more twist here though.. the gun is Clay's!!!

Jax gives Roosevelt the heads up about something going down at the warehouse and where to find the gun. Gemma is now at Clay's house where Juice seems to have a bit of an attack of a conscience and tells Clay he needs to get out NOW.. too late, a knock on the's Roosevelt. Clay says he has been there all afternoon. Gemma says he left for a few hours saying he had to handle some unfinished business, "but I didn't think he was gonna kill anyone"..Oh Gemma, you're good... Pope's right hand man kinda puts two and two together but Jax tells him he gives him way too much credit. If Pope's right hand man does get proof it was Jax who set all that up, do you really think he's gonna kill him? Jax just handed him the biggest promotion of his life! Jax left and a bounty was put on Clay's head...

Jax finds out from Unser that Toric was known for not playing by the rules and basically forced into early retirement. Toric is at the jail watching through the window as someone tries to interview Otto.. Otto literally bites his tongue off!! I felt like I wanted to puke! The interviewer leaves the room and Otto throws his tongue at the window, I'm sure he knew Toric was watching. Otto seems to laugh an evil, hysterical laugh.. I guess that's his way of letting them know he's never talking. I think he's lost it lol

Gemma is at Nero's when Jax goes over there and she hears them talking. Jax tells Nero he needs to buy that farm and get out. Nero tells Jax he'll make him one more deal, if he gets out, he'll get out. The wheels in Gemma's head are spinning and she finally realizes that Jax has a final plan to get out of SAMCRO. We all know she's not having that.

Roosevelt shows up at Jax's house, but he's not there to talk to Jax. He came with a warrant, for Tara. Looks like Gemma went to them about Tara... it pissed me off so much when Tara was in the back of the cop car and Gemma came walking up. The scene closes out with Gemma standing behind Jax (who is holding Abel), like she took Tara's place, claiming her boys...What's gonna happen? Is Tara gonna go to prison? Will this lead Jax to snap on Gemma like never before? Only Season 6 will tell!!

Bobby confronts Jax and tells him he knows what he did to set up Clay. He is clearly disappointed and doesn't approve. The Season ends with Bobby ripping his patch off and putting it on the table.. as he walks out, we see Tig loving up on the dog they saved.

This episode was amazing from beginning to end. The excitement didn't let up at all and I was thoroughly pleased.. I'm wondering what is gonna happen with Juice though, he doesn't seem to be cut out for this, but I'm glad he made it through the season. Maybe Season 6 is gonna be his time to shine! With Bobby walking out, I see Tig taking his place as VP.... but will Jax become another Clay? I have faith he won't, but you never know..

Leave a comment on your thoughts for the Season!


  1. Such a a good season! And the finale was so intense! I can't wait for next season!

    1. Yes it was intense! From beginning to end.. Next Season seems so far away lol I'll have to do re-runs on Netflix lol