Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm now a Believer!! - *language warning*

People talk all the time how they come across these dramatic women in groups who take things to real life and such... I have not had that pleasure... until today.

There was a girl talking about some chick who wouldn't stop texting her and wouldn't leave her alone. She was basically talkin' crap and just wouldn't stop.
Soooo.... I said sarcastically, "tell her to text someone who she won't say anything to face to face, me, 980 - 1***" - Do you know that chick actually texted me?!! She had someone telling her what was said and she texted me. Here is the funny convo:

Lacy - "hey jamie it's lacy, don't threaten me or test me"

Me - "get the fuck outta here with your dumbass bullshit. I'm not the one to play stupid games b/
c of the internet. You don't have a problem with me and I'm telling you that you don't want one"

Lacy - "look lady, i dont know who you think you are, but if you want to threaten me with your phone number yeah i'm going to respond. Act like an adult. Stop talkin crap and move on with your life"

Me - "I didn't threaten you with my phone number. It's called being sarcastic. You obviously thrive on this shit. I need to move on with my life? Bitch you contacted me."

Lacy - "Are those the only words in your vocabulary? 'matter of fact, tell them to text somebody they wouldn't dare approach face to face...me...980-1***' Sounds like you're trying to test me and yes I did contact you."

Me - "well here's another test for you since you think you're billy badass...if you got something more to say come say it to my face - 1** xxxxxxx xxxxx dr, I live on post"

Lacy - "I'm right down the road, same street :)"

Me - "Good you know where it is then."

Lacy - "Sure do, and now so does the MPs:) Bravo bravo!"

Me - "Please send them to my house."

Lacy - "See you around, have a blessed night!"

Me - "Take your Jesus crap elsewhere, fake ass christian"

Lacy - "Jesus loves you."

Me - "You can stop contacting me NOW."

Am I the only one who finds this hilarious? I mean really, this is funny! I have never encountered someone like her before. Who does that?! LOL Never a dull moment on Facebook... I kinda wished she would have come to my house... lol

 Feel free to share your stupid Facebook drama stories =)


  1. Gosh, she gives me the creeps! I'm glad she don't really know where I live ;)

  2. I've experienced my fair share of crazy. One hid behind Jesus too the other behind her husbands officers rank and mps. Sad part is her kid were being taught to be just as crazy. So sad.

  3. Welcome to MY WORLD~! LOL Nice to know that I am not the only one with "stalkers"... LOL!