Friday, January 27, 2012

Hope for Soldiers who may have severe facial disfiguration - (a bit from Mitch Hunter -guest blogger)

Here is what Mitch shared with me:

"Our Government is doing what they can to help. Right now face transplants are being funded by the Military/Government mainly for injured soldiers but also for civilians as well. I just hope it doesn't become a procedure that is done to help a person look younger. I hope only gets given to the people who actually need it for a better quality of life. Burn victims aren't the only ones with facial deformities. Cancer patients with massive tumors on their face can benefit as well. The full transplant done after mine was Charla Nash, the woman who was mauled by her friends chimpanzee. So any type of accident or condition that causes facial deformity can be fixed now and give a person back a normal appearance and a better quality of life.

It was hard over the last 10 years, seeing all the stares and hearing comments you wouldn't expect any human being to say, but I did what I was trained to do and soldiered on! Now I'm in a position to be an advocate for people who are in similar situations like I was before the transplant, give them that hope. I have a very big heart and love helping people in anyway I can."

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