Friday, January 13, 2012

American Hero Clothing - a give-a-way for AWDIWH members!

American Hero Clothing is doing a give-a-way for the members of my page - AWDIWH - American Hero Clothing is looking to get the members of their Facebook Fan Page up to get the word out on their site.

Here is how the give-a-way will work...a few simple steps:

1. Go "like" American Hero Clothing
2. Write on the wall of American Hero Clothing - "AWDIWH sent me"
3. On Jan. 18, 2012, I will use "" to choose the winner of the give-a-way and the winner will receive any one clothing item in the "rhinestone in stock" of their choice.

I will keep track of who posts on American Hero Clothing's wall myself by writing the names down in the order they post and assigning them a number as I write them down... I will take a pic of the names with their number and I will take a pic of the drawing as well so everyone can see it for themselves.

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