Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January - Thyroid Awareness Month - Fundraiser

Thyroid awareness is very important to me because I suffer from hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed about 3yrs ago and I don't know what's worse - not knowing what was wrong with me, or now knowing and struggling to get it under control.

Some signs I had (that I thought were just depression)-
*sleeping ALL THE TIME (like 18hrs a day)
*not eating
*freezing (think 90s in Texas and I'm wearing sweatshirts)
*really bad dry skin
*puffy face
*weight gain
*thinning hair
*brittle nails
*very low blood pressure
*low body temp

I didn't know that your thyroid controls every thing in your body. When my thyroid shut down, my body began to shut down with it.

To learn more about hypothyroidism (also search hyperthyroidism, the other spectrum) go here ---> Hypothyroidism, WebMD

Now, since I sell Scentsy, I'm going to use this to donate to the American Thyroid Association ---> American Thyroid Association

All of the money I make from the "Jan Thyroid Awareness Party" party I'm going to donate to the American Thyroid Association.

What's Scentsy you ask?
Basically, Scentsy is a wickless, flameless "candle". We have warmers in several sizes and designs to fit anyone and any decor with scented wax that is warmed in the top. We also have stick perfume, that I personally love, and Stuffed animals called Scentsy Buddies that kids love, including my own. So, if you love Scentsy and want to help the cause, now is a good time to order =) Plus we have the Bring Back my Bar this month for some awesome discontinued scents.

If you are interested in helping me raise money for thyroid awareness, order here:

If you would like to help but aren't interested in buying Scentsy, you can donate directly at - American Thyroid Association

Or...If you'd like the donation to go under my army wives site when I do the donation next month when I get paid, you can pay pal me personally with "purplelynnie629@yahoo.com"

I will keep records and keep track of everything and show proof of it all when I make the donation so that everyone can see what I did and know it was legit. =)


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