Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Every woman should have a power tool!!

Reading the title, if you're anything like me, you might be thinking a little on the dirty side. Sadly, I'm not being perverted...not today lol

By power tools, I mean the kind you use to put things together around the house! Two days ago I decided I wanted a lamp in the front room, only I had no table to put it on. So when I went to Walmart, I saw a table/lamp and grabbed it. That was easy to put together. It took me about 20 minutes between doing the actual work and drinking my coffee.

While in Walmart, I also picked up a little "3 drawer chest"/dresser for Alexis. I was feeling kind of good that I put my first thing together so easily. Naturally, I'm thinking in my head, "I got this. When Darrell comes home I'll have it in Pookie's room and I can brag that I didn't need his help." know, all smug like in my head lol...well, putting that thing together was hell. It took me HOURS!! I started early in the day, like before noon... I didn't finish it completely until after dinner!

Let me be a baby for a second and say, "whaaaaaaaaaaaaa my frikkin' hands hurt!!" Okay, I got that out. LOL.. After only having the screws in the two sides, I had a blister on my middle finger...which my daughter doctored up with an "angry birds" band-aid.

I plan on getting the boys the 4 drawer ones, but this time I will have a power tool. I want to go buy it today but Darrell won't let me. He insists that he picks out the power tool because "you won't know what to get! and how's it look that you got a man at home and you're buying a power tool...that's a mans department"... okay hon, you be the big bad man and go get my damn power tool =) I'll just buy the furniture =)

My "masterpiece" -

((after the first step is when I needed my band-aid))

Side Note - I'm proud of myself!! I did it without asking Darrell to help me. I may be a "spoiled princess", as he said when I complained about my hands, but this "spoiled princess" got the job done! =)

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