Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Christ Year.. 33

My 33rd birthday has come and gone.. October 27, 2012... Nothing big or spectacular lol Just figured I should mention it..

With my husband's schedule how it is, he is hardly ever home. I thought him not being deployed would be a blessing, and it is, but his hours with the instructor position are nuts and we hardly get any time together.. Yes, I'm whining.. I'm allowed =)

So, for my birthday, all I wanted was time together. Just like our anniversary. I'm a simple gal. I don't care about expensive gifts or fancy things. The memories of being with my husband and kids are more precious to me than anything in the world.

Darrell cooked a nice dinner, we watched movies and took a nice walk together and just talked. I was pleased =) My lovie, Eric, called and wished me a Happy Birthday. Staci did too. ((Eric is a friend of my husband and I from NJ who is like family to us. Thought I would clarify, you know how people like to talk.)) I had hundreds of "happy birthday" wishes on my Facebook, they all made me smile. I also got flowers from Staci! My fave colors too...

Oh yeah, for those who may be wondering about the "Christ Year" thing.. according to text, Jesus Christ died when he was 33yrs old. So, some people say that when you turn 33, it's your Christ Year. I don't believe there are any superstitions or anything that go along with this. Maybe I should google and see what I find, lol.

 Being born in October, I'm a Scorpio.. I fit Scorpio to a "T". Here is a previous blog post on the Scorpio Sign - Scorpio - I am who I am

Some traits of the Scorpio:

More on Scorpio -

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